The green industry's biggest flops/mistakes/regrets?

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    Lawnboys.....Man I grew up in this industry using them...first 19's and then 21's get use to the stagger design and they were easy to push. M- i thought it was sweet to only have to poor pure gas. All you had to do was fill up the 2 cycle oil every blue moon. THEN OYSTER MARINE SOLD TO TORO!.....Toro decided to stop the improvements because they just bought the company and never had any intention of keeping the brand a viable compitor to their commercial grade mowers using the 2 cycle suziki engines.(they sucked!)The coup de grass was when they decided to sell in the big box stores. Weststar (CA OR WA UT NV WY AZ CO...basicly the west of Rockies) told toro to come and get their rail cars of parts and mowers and take a hike... The irony is even though they became extinct here in CA, the small blocks are still manufactured here in FRemont. There are still the Japaneses, Basque and Mexicans still using 20 year old bodies and replacing engines when ever. And yes....toro didn't want to put the money into getting this machine to meet c.a.r.b. teir III level.

    C.A.R.B. containers.....the best one out their and worth their wait in gold are the NoSpill brand gas cans. They were bought by Honda and are a Honda item also. 5 gal can to empty no more than 2.5 minutes. Other than that everything sucks!

    Ethanol....well until we figure out a way so we don't breathe the pollution that is out their, then there has to be some kind of solution their. Until you see the smog that looks as bad a tule fog (, you wouldn't understand the need to do something about it. Have 2 kids with asthma and you'll understand even more. Fouling spark plugs....seen that and haven't had a problem ever since I started using at least 89 octane gas. As far as destroying engines....well that's left to be seen....Here in CA, we had more of an issue with MTBE in our gas. Shhhhh.....the chemical cleaned our air.....but it poison our water supply.....this is one time that you should be happy CA is more progressive about air pollution.....they(law makers and Air Resource Board) didn't believe the states scientist that there was a strong provability it would poison our water supply.
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    Ethanol has little to nothing to do with clean air. It has everything to do with a government program that lines certain peoples pockets with cash at our expense in the name of supposedly reducing our reliance on foreign oil. Don't drink the California Cool-Aid in thinking that everything is good for the environment.
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    They should issue the Toro 21 mower with Bungees for the front wheel height adjusters.
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    This is an interesting thread.
    I totally disagree with standers being a waste. I've been using Wrights since '98 and as several before me have stated, each type of mower has it's place. I will add though that Wright has really screwed up by squaring off the deck on their new mowers.
    I totally agree with green mulch, landscape fabric under mulch, plastic edging in northern climates, and ethanol (God save us when it goes to 15%).
    How about a couple of others..... idiots running their bp blowers at full throttle at 7am resulting in blower bans, and the M&A craze of the 90's and 00's.
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    Toro 22040 2 cycle 21" mowers still have two left but on last leg
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    Exactly! I've demoed a stander, and as soon as I can afford it, I'm switching from my Lazer to a Vantage. It's WAY more comfortable. A lot more efficient, too, for residential.
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    I go all Walk-Behinds
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    Losing Lesco. The real LESCO devoted to the applicator.

    John Deere landscapes and there business model. Not knocking certain employees.

    The 80's echo SRM2501 line trimmers were beast.

    Losing OP'S like dursban and mainstay. Turf damaging insects had no chance.

    Losing the old style lesco spreader.

    Losing the hard to kill yellow with green lid Cooper-pegler diaphragm backpack sprayer. Had one for 22 years all original and abused hard. She killed alot of pest in 22 years.

    Half time overtime, also known as Chinese overtime because we fell under agriculture? Doing residential? For TG??? Come on labor department catch up on my 80 hours a week at $3 something an hour.

    Greg Norman zoysia. Original palmetto st augustine and muck based sod.

    The late 80's F250 for leaving you dead in the water when it was just running great.
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