The green industry's biggest flops/mistakes/regrets?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Liberty Lawnworks, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. 35DollarLawns

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    The marketing , and members have said it .
    Standers are a fad simple. Dealers say all the NEW GUYS LOVE THEM, and the new guys think it's cool. It easier to sell cool and to the uninformed it's real cool.

    I agree the standers do have a market and companies do need them to a point , then cool kicks in and they skyrocket .

    I have run walkers since 1998,99 2000 and I currently one a stander and hands down walker is better, for the yard its in.

    To each his own they make it , we need it , we buy it

    I hate those designer grass seeds where you mow it 5 times a year and never grows, thanks again cutting edge seeds.
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  2. Mark Oomkes

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    "Standers are a fad." :laughing::dizzy::laughing::laughing::dizzy:

    If you say so. It's one heck of a fad.

    I bet Z's were a fad too. Same thing with line\string trimmers.

    Somebody write this down in history. We'll all come back and laugh about it someday.
  3. Valk

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    Standers/stand-ons are a technological milestone. Fad? Really??

    For regional areas that need to/choose to bag grass...then stand-on's are not all that great since the bagger widens the mower by a fair margin.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Lawn care and Landscaping does not fall under Agg. The NAICS code for lawn servicing is 561730. It's parent sectors are:

    • 56 - Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
    • 561 - Administrative and Support Services
    • 5617 - Services to Buildings and Dwellings
    • 56173 - Landscaping Services

    Agg codes start with 11.

    If you were putting 80 hour weeks in and not getting the full overtime rate, then you need to contact the DOL.
  5. turfmd101

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    That was back in 86 to 90. That's what management said about Ag. I never investigated it. I was young and a little nieave at the time. Thanks for the info. I always felt cheated! $750 daily production goals averaging $30 per stop and I don't leave any stones unturned.
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  6. 35DollarLawns

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    I tell you guys what , find
    Me 1, just 1 besides mine at a dealer near here I would be shocked to hexx , no one , not one contractor new or used have them, it is why I tried them.
    Here they are no good.when compaired to loc in the area.
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  7. skle2574

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    I am new here, good discussion. I am shamed to relay I paid big bucks for a 21" "commercial grade" mower (brand not really pertinent) that does not have a choke or throttle! I knew better! Fine, I guess for regular season, warm/hot days but in fall/early spring it takes 2 people to get it started/keep it running with primer til it warms up enough to run on its own. Also will never agree it is a good idea the operator can't have any discression on engine speed for conditions and best interests of the engine. OK I will name the brand, Exmark! For a commercial grade company charging commercial grade rates on their products they should not put this type stuff out. Also just made aware that as greatly designed as their current standers are, they skimped on the air filter on the 36" by not putting a canister air filter on it! That is sooo 80s/90s. It can be cobbled-in I know, but it raises questions in my mind. Am going with a machine that is 100% commercial grade from start to finish!
  8. dathorpe

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    I agree with both of these statements. It's like I wrote 'em myself. I own a lot of Stihl equipment... and it all runs great... even the oldest pieces. I'm ditto on the Toro T-bar - never liked it but I love the hydro ECS.
  9. dathorpe

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    I don't get this. I bought two Stihls and yes, the cap was crap, took 'em back to the dealer, he slapped on the "new improved cap" and never a problem again. Since then I've probably bought six more Stihl weedeaters and never a problem. Did you guys NOT take the weedeaters back for the recall on bad caps??
  10. AllBrad

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    subscribing... thanks....

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