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    World’s Hottest Pesticide Free Steam Weeder

    The GS5000 from GreenSteam Solutions is a weed killer for the long rows of weeds emerging in our cement jungles. The award winning concept gives maintenance pro’s an alternative to spraying herbicides on our streets. Blistering steam achieves instant knockdown with no residues. ​

    Metro landscapers and public works officials maintaining sidewalks, parking lots and other hard paved surfaces now have a powerful ally in the battle against weeds. GreenSteam Solutions Inc. is shipping a high powered portable steam gun which instantly knocks down young weeds growing in cracks and crevices. Used instead of conventional sprays it can dramatically reduce the amount of herbicides flowing into municipal storm drains.

    The original version garnered an Innovative Product of the Year Award in 2008 from the Canadian National Research Council (NRC) and the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association (CME). Erik Djukastein, president of GreenSteam Solutions said “That recognition by the NRC and CME was both humbling and motivational. It kick started a development cycle that has resulted in today’s truly world class power tool, one which we believe is the world’s hottest and most portable commercial steam weeding system”.

    Djukastein went on to say, “Landscapers who keep their hardscapes looking pristine, and who want to keep them that way without spraying chemicals, should look very carefully at steam weeding. It delivers great results without the hassles associated with applying pesticides.”

    The GS-5000 Steam Weeder shoots 650 to 930 degrees Fahrenheit (350 to 500 degrees Celsius) scalding steam which kills most new growth in one second. Killed weeds shrivel and disappear. No further clean up is required. The machines use less than $15 of clean burning propane per day and less than three gallons of water per hour.

    GreenSteam systems are in use in Canada, Australia and the U.S.A.. Manufacturing operations are based in Victoria, BC. For more information on the GS-5000 or steam weeding please visit

    About GreenSteam:
    GreenSteam Solutions Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to pristine communities . Its steam weeder machines deliver weed control on hard surfaces without regulatory compliance burdens, drift issues, manual weeding or suspicious glances. Its residue free treated surfaces are always safe for children and pets.


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    If the GS Steam Weeder isn't large enough consider steaming with a truck mount system like this SK unit.

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    Would it be possible to use this in the UK?
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    Would like to know how and where to get trailer or truck mounted unit, and if still available with price. I live in chilliwack BC thank you!
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