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The guano hits the windmill!


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Garth said:
For anyone whose interest in truth concerning the impact of organic farming far outweigh the popular conceptions, read this: http://www.sustainablefarming.info/organic.
That word "Truth" very deceiving...Is truth only what we choose to believe or have been taught? Maybe "truth" is something we read and believe to be factual?? So called truths change everyday. For those of us that do organic farming and have first-hand experience with it, would very much disagree with your so called "truth" link. This is what we do-organics. We are not trying to feed the world, we are not trying to out produce other methods of farming, we are not trying to eradicate noxious weeds, we're just trying to supply the demand! If consumers want it / I will gladly supply it. What's true or not true about that?? We may as well have a discussion on regular or premium gasoline.....Which one do you buy and how come??? Or which religion is "true"?? We do what works for us, if it works we'll keep doing it...I can't wait to hear NOCUTTING reply to this one:alien:


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transition zone
The results of the authors writings doesnot suprise me . Anytime you use manures you will see an increase in nitrogen runoff . Continued use of heavy metal compounds to control fungus is going to result in an increase in the metals in the soil and the plants that grow in that soil. Nothing new here.

The comment about feeding the soil to supply nutrients to the plant is 100% accurate, even tho the author trys to point out, and is correct in doing so, that feeding the soil is actually destroying the soil. The problem lies in how you feed the soil. If everybody would quit thinking in terms of npk and start thinking about specific calorie intake for the soil microbes, a lot of the problems can be eliminated. I can grow fat eating twinkies and donuts but that wont make me healthy. The same for the soil, manures are Hostess twinkees and fertilizer is the donuts. Both will grow plants, but they also grow unwanted fungus, can kill off plant specific soil bacteria, introduce unwanted pathogens, cause excessive growth in weeds, as well as the desired crop. A balanced diet is what a human body needs to flourish, give the soil a balanced diet and the soil will flourish too. Feed me twinkies and donuts and I will survive, for a while.