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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Midwest_cutter, Apr 19, 2011.

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    This is for all the seasoned vets here. When did you have the hardest time growing into a successful biz? What stages seemed to be the hardest? Was it just starting out, gaining those first handful of accounts? Was it taking the leap and going full time? Was it losing your first major commercial account? Was it growing your solo op into multiple crews? Dealing with the curent econemy and fuel prices? I'm just curious to hear what the hardest times have been for the established people on here. I guess i am just always trying to prepare myself for things to come.
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    I'm not that much of a seasoned vet, but I will say the time in between when I broke up with the mother of my child and became "single dad" until I found the girlfriend I've had now for a few years was pretty hard. Single Dad+Part Time College Student+Business Owner=No Life, No Sleep, No Spare Change!

    Other than that it has been this year. Graduating from college and moving from being mostly solo with a helper to having a full time employee and another helper. Needed a day to do paperwork, talk on the phone, and handle the schedule to make it all work, so they go out a day by themselves. It's nerve racking not being there!

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