The High Heat Test

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    We have received some questions regarding Fluid Film's ability to hold up under high heat, so we decided to conduct an experiment to determine how well Fluid Film would perform. What we did was take a 3" x 6" smooth finish cold-rolled steel (CRS)-SAE 1008/1010 panel and sprayed it with Fluid Film, then hung it inside an oven, raising the temperature to 300F. We then left the panel hanging inside for a full 15 minutes at that temperature, letting the heated material drip off. In order to determine just how viable the remaining material was, we then placed the sample panel in a salt fog chamber consisting of a humidified solution of 5% salt water for a full week, which is a standardized accelerated weathering test designed to provide reliable indications of future performance.
    This is what the panel looked like when finished:


    The results pretty much speak for themselves.

    Fluid Film will not be washed off, will resist throw-off on high speed chains, and will protect indoor equipment for a minimum of a year. On outside equipment you coud get a full season's worth of protection from one application.

    Fluid Film: For all your landscaping needs.
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    Very nice. I have several friends that want me to get some samples to them. They don't have access to a computer, so I told them I would get a few if possible. I'm doing my best to spread the gospel of Fluid Film.Smells bad, but works GREAT!
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    I cant say how much i love this stuff!!!!!
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    Like I said before I used it on my woodstove door hinges and handle..that gets very very hot and stays hot for long periods of time.Has not burned off and is still working just great.

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