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Put some sunscreen on the dome of yours, or a cap :)

I would have had that picture taken in front of a place I serviced and made look awesome.

I would get the phrase "HandyMan" in there somewhere since you're doing gutters and power washing. Looks like you're going to be kind of a "jack of all trades" so I wouldn't limit what I have to offer with the name.

What's the reason behind the "Holy Moly" part of it? Just curious. (edit: answered above while I was typing )

Are you an LLC or S Corp, or other? Do you have insurance and WC so you can take on some commercial accounts? I have several commercial accounts, and not one would hire me without proof of insurance.

Along those same lines, you say "no contracts." I'm wondering if you view that as a good thing or benefit to hiring you over someone else (perhaps it is). But do you have various contracts ready to go in case a customer wants things spelled out for them? I know that's a sore subject for some. I get it. I have contracts for most of my stuff. But not all. Never heard of a commercial gig with no contract.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts