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This is the current name of my business/operation.

It is a one man deal. I don't plan on adding on any workers anytime soon. The main focus is mowing, weed eating, edging and blowing with other services such as mulch, pinestraw, bush trimming and leaf clean up. I can carry on alot of workload seeing one of my biggest priorities in life is maintaining and intentionally doing good health.

Looking for positives to this chosen name? Then limitations? How do others perceive me?

Thank you.


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This is my current social media advertisement for Nextdoor and Facebook.



Contact # : 839-201-7777

Now accepting customers for 2023


Grass cutting time is here.

Available is basic lawn maintenance. This includes mowing, weed eating places the mower can't get, edging along the driveway/sidewalks/walkways and then blowing off all debris from the hard surfaces.

There are no contracts involved. And work is done either weekly or biweekly.



• Lawn maintenance

• Bush trimming

• Mulch

• Pinestraw

• Leaf/pinestraw/yard clean up

• Brush removal

• Bush removal

• Gutter clean out (up to 15 feet high)

• Pressure washing


Reach out to me at 839-201-7777 or message through Facebook to discuss things. I will have to come out to look at the job and determine a price.

Serving the Lexington, Red Bank and West Columbia areas. I may travel elsewhere if the opportunity is right.

Payments can be by cash, check, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or Zelle.

Feel free to look at my Nextdoor business page and previous before and after pictures with both linked below.

Thanks much and God bless.




-----------Brian "Holy Moly" Lovett-----------

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I think your name is kind of odd, but if its working what do I know. Why don't you have a website?

It is a nick name I inherited like 10 years ago.


Decided to integrate it into a business.

It is silly sounding in a way and also I am thinking you can bring a serious side along with it.

I have no clue if the name would greatly effect any big time jobs say like in the 4 and 5 digits? I did land a $5,000 deal a few months ago which has been the biggest to date.

No reason for not having a website. It is my first full year coming up doing this stuff.

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Put some sunscreen on the dome of yours, or a cap :)

I would have had that picture taken in front of a place I serviced and made look awesome.

I would get the phrase "HandyMan" in there somewhere since you're doing gutters and power washing. Looks like you're going to be kind of a "jack of all trades" so I wouldn't limit what I have to offer with the name.

What's the reason behind the "Holy Moly" part of it? Just curious. (edit: answered above while I was typing )

Are you an LLC or S Corp, or other? Do you have insurance and WC so you can take on some commercial accounts? I have several commercial accounts, and not one would hire me without proof of insurance.

Along those same lines, you say "no contracts." I'm wondering if you view that as a good thing or benefit to hiring you over someone else (perhaps it is). But do you have various contracts ready to go in case a customer wants things spelled out for them? I know that's a sore subject for some. I get it. I have contracts for most of my stuff. But not all. Never heard of a commercial gig with no contract.
Yeah I'm big on protecting my head. Wasn't hot that day. I'm not necessarily against contracts. Just going the other route now. I have whipped up short contracts when requested, nothing of great detail, and understand some commercial may require this.
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