The Hustler Flex Seat !!

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    The Hustler Flex Seat™ is the most ergonomically-designed suspension ever put on a mower. It offers these major selling points:

    • Comfort – greater operator comfort because bumps are smoothed out – it’s like a rocking chair for your Hustler! Can be used with Flex Forks™ for the ultimate ride on a mower!

    • Productivity – a smoother ride means greater operator comfort. Work longer. Mow faster. Minimizes “back slap” and reduces stress and strain on lower back

    • Simplicity – uses existing seat and suspension.

    Part # 108243 MSRP $299.00 (plus shipping)
    See your local dealer for availability and your exact pricing.

    The Hustler Flex Seat™ fits large-frame Hustler Zs and Super Zs except:
    Diesel, Super Z 26-HP LC, and 927772 Hustler Z

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