The Hustler Roll-On Striping Sulky !!

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    The Roll-On is the ultimate striping tool for any walk behind mower.

    It has three 4” UHMW rollers that are not only extremely durable and self cleaning but also lay down incredible stripes.

    In addition to the finished appearance, the Roll-On provides a smooth
    and comfortable ride on the grass.
    With 36 linear inches on the ground, the ride is spread over much more surface area than traditional wheeled sulkies.

    It is extremely durable and maintenance free with no lube points.

    The Roll-On is made to fit most brands of walk behind mowers, not just Hustler, and features a quick detach, fold-up design for easy carrying.

    Part # 102125
    MSRP $399.00 plus shipping

    Contact your dealer for your exact price.



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