The Importance Of Irrigation Scheduling


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Certified Irrigation Expert Bob Dobson says, "Irrigation scheduling is an area where many professionals could use more knowledge. There's a tendency to 'set the clock' in April and forget about it - and it costs a lot of water."

Irrigation Scheduling, March 9, (NJ)
Anyone who knows about irrigation knows the importance of features such as the seasonal adjustments and rain & weather sensors to properly adjust for changes in irrigation requirements to meet seasonal changes in the turf and the weather. Just as important as not "setting and forgetting" the controler is to know how to properly determine the water requirements for the property based on the particular plants and turf varieties, soil structure, sun exposure and other environmetal factors. If you can not compitently do that, you have no place going near the controller at all.


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If the zones are set up sensibly, one could do a real detailed timer for each zone twice a week, around here...
like a rosebush in the sandy ground, sunny spot is in the same zone as the shaded section of lawn that hardly ever dries out enough to walk on...
one irrigation bozo, set the system for 5 days a weeks for 1/2 hr, all zones and told the H.O. that, "that is how it is supposed to be"...
The h.o. believed the 'expert' and lost a complete hillside planting...

but the common, 2 weeks of burning sun and 2 weeks of cold and rainey, followed by 3 weeks of burning sun etc., etc., requires a bit of responsibility on the H.O. ...

Most people wait for things to almost die, before they act... :)