The Inevitable Has Arrived


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Its finally here gents. Unirrigated lawns have ceased to grow. Finally giving me time, beginning today, to start the hedge and shrub work-Im three weeks behind where I historically should be at this date.<p>May the fall rains come early and often! And thank God for the wet spring we had. Lined my pockets nicely, thank you.<p>Bill


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Somerset, NJ
Exactly my thoughts. The grass usually stops growing in early June and I was scheduling like the usual seasons. Now I'm I'm trying to get caught up and get to all this other work I promised people. But like you said, hopefully the fall rains get here early so we don't have another drought like last year's.
Today was the first day all year I had to eat a little dust (hi lift blades did not help I will change to the stock low lifts for next cycle). But this will give me some time to get all the lawn and tree insecticide apps done b/4 the end of the month.<p>Then I will reward myself with a little 7 day summer cruise vacation to Bermuda at the<br>end of this month before fall sports season starts up. I booked a last minute thing two weeks ago and the price was too good to stay home. I got a great cabin with a large picture window for about 1/3 of the normal<br>fare.<p>Will anyone miss me when I am gone?<p>You know I will be thinking about you guys<br>while I am doing a &quot;Wild Orchid&quot; thing with<br>my girl on a 50cc scooter.<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: lawrence stone


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Stone: Have a Dark n Stormy at the Swizzle Inn for me while you're there. Heck have two and a Rum Swizzle to wash it all down! Throw in a Cuban cigar and heck I might just swim over to join you!


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We got a good rain 3 weeks ago. business picked up. The the 100 deg temps and dry weather slowed it down again. Then it rained last night. So i expect to be busy for another 2 week. This s**t is nerve racking. Glad to share some dust with you northerners and the tennesee people. To hell with it all I say i am going to the beach next weekend with my honey. Maybe run into Lawrence and take over some island and ask for foreign aid from the US. Then blow it all on beer....

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Glad to hear I'm not along!!! Here in New Jersey thing are starting to slow down. We should have a rainy weekend. I am pushing all trimming work everythings starting to grow. I guess its good so I won't be weeks and weeks behind.<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance


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southern ontario
We're short-staffed but we've been slowly catching up on our backlog of chores and minor landscape work. Add-in equipment maintenance and fertilizer apps and we've been working 75hr weeks since late April. The dry weather has been nice, we're not having to double-cut the majority of our lawns any more. Still a lot of trimming and blowing though. Usually we're doing very little trimming by now and skipping those lawns that don't have inground sprinklers. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow though and we've got 30 lawns scheduled. Oh well, so much for that landscaping job we were gonna do Saturday.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>

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