The irrigation system has been placed in my hands! what to do!!!!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by NickD, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. NickD

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    Today while I was at a customers house, the homeowner comes out and started talking to me and asked me if i can take over the maintenance of irrigation system. She told me that the people for whatever reason just stopped maintaining it and now its in my hands. Which I really don't mind......might be nice to get a little experience in that field (Lawn maintenance & landscaping is my cup of tea). So I asked her for the manual to run the system so I can review over it. So Im asking all you pro's for any tips, advice or just anything that might be of use to me. The system is a Rain Bird and the heads are Rain Bird 5000....not sure if thats useful to anyone but there you go! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  2. Stuttering Stan

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    Don't get your hands in something that you know nothing about. This is a job for irrigation experts. Develop a referral agreement with a local irrigation company and they return the favor for lawn maintenance.
  3. Wet_Boots

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    replace everything with products from Orbit
  4. Fireguy97

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    I am working with four landscaper/lawn care pro's in the different locations that I work in. They won't do irrigation, and I don't cut grass or landscape. I refer my clients to them, and I do all of their irrigation work. It works great for everybody.

  5. NickD

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    I see well I'm gathering I need to check around my area and make a phone call to a reputable irrigation company. Im also glad that after being in this industry for 8 years ive decided to go back to school part time....well not even that....just 2 classes at night. I will take an irrigation course next semester which should give me a general understanding and should be pretty interesting. Thanks for everyones input! wow im glad i found this website! :)
  6. Buck_wheat

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    I actually see Orbit a lot down here; drive by dikheads... install a 2" Orbit mist head on a 3" riser so that the head is 1" above grade & then blame the LCO for breaking the sprinklers.
  7. Buck_wheat

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    Check Rainbird for the irrigation course; they have a beginners course they'll send you on CD in exchange for money ( at least they used to) you get some basics and move up from there.

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    You are taking our advice!.......Stunning that makes you a rare bird. Come back and i'm sure you will be warmly received.
  9. Wet_Boots

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    now if only Heidi Montag would place her breast enhancement surgery in my hands......
  10. rlpsystems

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    Oak ridge out side of greensboro? If so call Toms Creek or Southern Lawns maybe one could help

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