The Job Pics I promised...Please help me in bidding this, as I have to have it quick!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by dcplace2004, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. dcplace2004

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    The waste/recycle place charges 35 dollars a ton for clean green and the person I called said it is the same for commercial...they want these things out by the would you all bid this?...per bush? Labor? Time to landfill? Etc? Please give me ideas for job1 (13 tall shrubs), job2 (3 tall bushes in front of front door), and job3 (3 big evergreens)...What would I explain to the customer about the charge for the landfill...what would be the right charge on average per Ford F-150 long bed truckload?...would you pull them out by truck and cable if possible?...thanks...



  2. Eddie B

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    Here's what I do when pulling similar bushes, roots and all. There is probably a better way, but i'm limited by my equipment. I use a heavy tow strap and yank them with the truck. Tug and release, use a shovel to loosen the dirt/roots, and repeat until the bush pulls out. I'm guessing you'll spend roughly 10-15 minutes per bush. We charge $20+ for similar bushes.

    I'm basing these prices as a whole job.

    Job 1: $325
    Job 2: $70
    Job 3: $75

    Haul and dump fee extra. I honestly don't know how many trips you will need to make with that truck.
  3. stuie

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    Figure maybe two loads on the truck if you pack it right and tie it down.Those conifers can be bulky.
    Cut them up as much as possible with a chainsaw and you might only do 1 load.
    Figure in your gas money driving time per load.
    Say at a rough guess not knowing any solid details you could guess $35 per dump x 35% (or more!) on top to cover fuel etc plus your time say one hour to the dump and return???
    so say So say $70 for tip trip?????????

    Sorry not solid figures but no details to work on.
    Give a total price if you can and say it includes removal to the dump
  4. Remsen1

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    I'd call a colleague of mine who owns a bulldozer and a loader. I'd let him choose which to use. It would be about 2 hours of excavating work (at most) with that equip and he charges me $150 per hour. Removal and Dumping will probably be around 1 ton. Use a trailer for disposal to cut down on your time.

    Excavation: $300 ish
    Dumping: $40 ish
    Equip Fuel: $30 ish
    Mileage: need more info. (30 miles guess) @ $1 mile: $30ish
    Total: $400 ish + 15% margin of error = $460

    My Labor 4-6 hours: $120-$180
    Excavation: $375
    Dumping and Transport: $160
    Total: $655- $705
  5. sheshovel

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    Job #1-$650.00 to $700.00 incl 1 dump run and fee
    Job #2-$100.00
    Job#3-$150.00 add 1 dump run and fee
  6. sheshovel

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    Yank um out with your truck,use a trenching shovel the long streight ones w/short handle and slice around outsides rootballs 1st.I use chain not strap.Cut enough away from the bottoms to see what your doing.
  7. muddstopper

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    Hire somone with a stump grinder. Cut shrubs off at ground and load whole or minimal cuts on the truck or your trailer. Have stumpgrinder remove roots. Total time about one hour for removal and loading brush.

    Grinding fee about $200
    Labor 1 hour for cutting and loading. ( your rate)
    Disposal fee+ travel time+ unloading time+ mileage.
    30% markup for profit
  8. lawn_jockey

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    I would guess around 700 total plus dump and gas fee. Prune it down to the stump and Amigos shovel it out while you make the next sale on the tele.
  9. Aussie Topcat

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    So, how much did you charge & did you get the job. I hope so!
  10. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    First, rent a large commercial chipper. It will make hauling and disposal much easier and you can most likely get it all on 1 f150 load, assuming you have a full size box.

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