The Jump from PT to FT


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Midwest, USA
I started doing lawn care three years ago out of random requests from friends and neighbors for on-going lawn care or here and there services. I really enjoyed the work that summer, pretty much read these fourms every single night over that winter. That spring I decided to invest in it. I registered the business as an LLC with the state along with obtaining a $2 mil liability insurance policy. Purchased a 48" Scag VRide2, nice commercial side Stihl equipment, a new 7'x16' enclosed trailer and installed racks; the works to run a professional lawn care business. Last year I grossed $21k and this year I am projected to gross $24k - with a variety of clients (residential, townhomes, apartments, corporations and local businesses). I generally gross right around $80/hr if things go as scheduled/planned. As you're probably assuming at this point and on the flip side, I have a corporate position. I have a decent salary along with great benefits from health, dental and vision insurance, and a pension and 401k match (5%). Though the money is there and obviously the consistent paycheck is there - it is a stressful role and is a drag to go in each day (I absolutely dread it). At the end of the day, I get to mow and I enjoy it greatly. I've had my run-ins (and resolutions) with neighbors, equipment issues, non-payers, bees, blah blah blah. But those headaches pale in comparison to the great stuff I deal with at corporate. With all that said, I am exploring jumping into it full-time. I have my figures and I would need to triple/quadruple my gross lawn income to be in the same $/benefits position that I am now if I were to go full time. But at the same time, I would have winter's off if I choose to. I have a vision/plan that it would go very succesfull based off my part-time work. Anyone out there that has completed the transition from part-time op to full-time op(solo) and was it a good decision? Did it go as planned, way better, worse? (I don't have kids and I *think* I could always go back to my same role in corporate - or more so they would accept me back if I was dumb enough to apply back). But LawnSite world, can the grass be way greener on the other side?


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Your benefit package will be hard to make up for. Pension and 401k create a lifetime value that is hard to compete with. Sure you can contribute to your own retirement account. Initially you need to replace the income to pay bills and grow. Those years you can’t grow your retirement balance. The grass can be greener. If you go for it I would buy a disability insurance policy to pay your bills if you get hurt.