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  1. Chuck Smith

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    Well, I wrote another article, about Automatic Transmissions & snow plowing, and it was published in the October issue of The LANDSCULPTOR. I stopped by their website: to see how it looks. While I was there, I saw another article that may interest some of you. Especially those of you that are plow shopping. Even more so, those of you who are Boss plow owners and fans.
    It's an article on buying a new plow. The article was written by Rick Robitaille, Marketing Director, BOSS Snowplow.

    Just a FYI.


  2. EPP200

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    I read your article at "The Landsculptor". Nice article, makes since to me.

    Howver, I have one question (question for anyone else too).
    You don't recommend adding synthetic trans fluid. Do you mean like the Slick 50 trans additive? I am asking because on my "regular" truck (F-150 that I DO NOT plow with) I added Slick 50 Oil treatment and also Slick 50 power steering treatment and trans treatment. I just purchased a 2001 Ford F-250 SD that I WILL BE using for plowing. I was going to add the above (have not yet). What your (or anyone's opinion) on this. Will it help or just a waste of money. THANKS ......... ED
  3. Chuck Smith

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    What I meant by sythentic fluid, was instead of "normal" (petroleum based) trans fluid. It's not recommended that you mix the two.
    Slick 50, Tuff Oil, and the others, are additives. I actually have Slick 50 in all my small machines. I added about 2 ounces to them. I got it free, so figured "why not?".

    Can't say I noticed any difference in performance. I suppose the issue of internal parts wear remains to be seen. I can't say they start up easier, they still start like they should, less than 3 pulls.

    It's never a good idea to mix different types of lubricants. For instance, if you wanted to use silicone brake fluid, you'd have to use it only. You couldn't just add it to the petroleum based fluid.

    I worked in a shop when I was younger, and a mechanic there used STP Oil Treatment with every oil change in his 1974 Ford F-150. It had 250,000 miles on it, and never had a valve job. He swore by STP. It also had a camper in the back for all of those miles. Not a topper, but one with a fridge, bed, table, the works. That's a heavy load to carry for 250,000 miles. He never replaced the timing chain either. He's the only one I know that was big on additives, or should I say, any additive.

    That was a cool job, it was an ambulance company, and they all ran on propane. We would change the oil at 3,000 miles, and it came out gold like it did when it was fresh. Burned really clean.

  4. John Allin

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    I'll take 10 cases of that 'free' Slick 50, please.
  5. Chuck Smith

    Chuck Smith LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's amazing what you find when someone asks you to clean out a shed, garage, yard, or attic. One of my customers had it in an old shed. She wanted it emptied, a simple haul out to the curb. I took whatever I wanted. There was a lot of old paint too, but it wan't toxic enough, so I left it curbside. ;)

  6. plowking35

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    Just shamefull self promotion. I cant believe a member would stoop to that level ever. I am seriously disappointed.
    What is this forum coming to?????
    Look for my article next month in Snow and Ice Manager, supplement to Grounds Maint. mag
    Oh what the heck, cant beat them join them.
  7. Lazer

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    My 7 year old son learned little he didn't already know about plows when he read the Snowplow selection article.

    It was written for member of the Metro Detroit Landscape Association?

    I guess I resent the attitude snowplow manufacturers have that most plowers are a little....slow....unkowledgeable, I don't know the word, but this article was written on such a basic level, I hope it's not an indicator of the state of our industry.

  8. Chuck Smith

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    Yes, the LANDSCULPTOR is a publication of the MDLA.
    I have a feeling the author couldn't get into too many details, or plug Boss plows. It would upset other advertisers. Yes, it was a basic article, and many didn't learn anything new reading it, but I'm sure it helped those new to plowing. Personally I learned a little from it, but that's me. I didn't know that mild steel, and hardened steel was used on the plow frames.


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