The Last Of The Centuris


New Jersey
I feel Very Fornutate to have found a brand new Perma Green Centuri. For those of you who have had a centri prior to a ultra you know what I mean when I say there is no comparison between the two. If you never had a centuri and started out with an ultra....still better than a hose or pushing IMO but Keep your batteries charged if you spray a lot with the unit and good luck with the accuracy of the fert. shutoff and of course the 11 - 4 O'clock spread pattern. Last week I put 5.5 hours on my new ULTRA and back it went.....Called many many lesco dealers after calling perma green asking if they had any more centuries and they said none left. Found the new 2003 centuri in Youngstown Ohio (720 mile round trip) and 30 minutes after confirming machine was new, I kissed the wife and off I go! When I meet the service manager Mr. Tim Yingling He Greets me kindly and even gives the spreader/sprayer a going over......He was great!
On the drive home I was smiling from ear to ear with a NEW CENTURI. For the owners of the ultra you should know that the perma green people are adding more holes to the lesco hopper to improve spread pattern and they are working on improving the binding problem on the open/close delivery system. I almost switched over to a Z-Spray Jr.........But got REALLY LUCKY to find another centuri which IMO is perma greens best model to date.

Pete D.

Forever Green Lawn

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NW Indiana
I know what you're saying. I have 4 Centuris and 1 Ultra. I'm the only one who will use the ultra. My techs hate it for the same reason you do. If PG would put the Brinley hopper on the Ultra, then we would be one step closer to a perfect machine...

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