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The latest evolution to Rayco’s popular Super Jr stump cutter line is here.

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements' started by AmieW, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. AmieW

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    Press Release – RG27 /RG35 Super Jr Stump Cutters:
    The latest evolution to Rayco’s popular Super Jr stump cutter line is here. Two new models are now available. The RG27 Super Jr. and RG35 Super Jr.’s are compact, self-propelled stump cutters with a newly designed pivot, allowing bigger cutting dimensions and less maintenance. Wider tires provide more floatation and traction for getting into jobs with sensitive turf conditions. Rayco’s swing-out control station provides better visibility while cutting and swings in-line with the machine for travel through gates. Both belt systems have been moved to the non-operator side to further enhance visibility while cutting. “The Super Jr has been taken to the next level,” says Matt August, Sales Manager at Rayco Mfg. “Customer response to the new generation has exceeded our expectations.”
    The new Super Jr’s are powered by Vanguard Big Block gasoline engines. The RG27 is 27hp and has an optional hydraulic backfill blade. The RG35 is 35hp and has 2-speed ground travel and a standard hydraulic backfill blade. Dual rear wheels are optional for both models. For more information on the new RG27 or RG35 Super Jr, please call 800-392-2686, visit us online at www.raycomfg.com, or contact your local Rayco dealer.

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