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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. BrandonV

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    Apple didn't buy NIN. I personally wouldn't mess with the droid. Why would you when the iPhone is easier, more reliable, more secure and works.
  2. irrig8r

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    I am very happy with my Droid X. Only issue I had was a sturdy after-market case blocking the proximity sensor.

    Also found out it doesn't like to sit on the dashboard when it's warm out and then goes into cool down mode.

    I've had it a couple of months. No issues with text messages going away. (I tend to write anything I want to save, like to and from customers or vendor in emails anyway and delete all old texts once/ week.)

    Running Android 2.3.3 and Verizon system version 4.5.605.MB810.Verizon.en.US

    The 2.3 upgrade was a nice change from the 2.2 that came with it just a couple of months ago. More intuitive.

    My g/f just ditched her Blackberry Storm for the iPhone 4S. Anyone see the news footage of The Woz at the Los Gatos Apple store on CNN? My g/f's daughter works there and was in the background in a couple of shots. They had something like 90 employees rotating throughout the day of release at that store. She worked a 12 hr. day.

    Apple puts out some nice products, but the collective followers have the feel of a cult to me.
  3. irrig8r

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    I think your conclusions are faulty.
  4. irrig8r

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    BTW Peter, just checked for updates and it says there are none, so you probably have the same OS and system versions I do? So, what are your problems?

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    I divide my phone contacts between customers friends contractors etc. I used to be able to add to each one with a simple edit. Now after I add a contact to the main list I can't move it to its proper group without going on line.
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  6. mitchgo

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    Well. It's not just for leisure. I use my phone constantly for real time information via the internet and apps. If I ever have a question about anything I can look it up right then . I love it. If you're resourseful its extremely useful
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  7. irrig8r

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    I can create groups on my phone, but it's funny they don't transfer from Gmail Contacts to the phone contacts.

    Also, each group on the phone is limited to 100 contacts...

    So because in my 500+ contacts over 300 of them are current and recent past customers, then I'd have to make alphabetical or geographic groups I guess. Like "Customers, Los Gatos" or "Customers, A to G".

    But to create groups just go to your contacts and hit the groups icon, which looks like two heads. Then just hit the green "+" button.

    I tried starting a group with 135 or so contacts, and after I checked them all it said it couldn't do it because it was more than 100. So it didn't create it and I don't know yet whether they will transfer to Gmail Contacts or not. Try it and see.
  8. irrig8r

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    What, no Angry Birds? :rolleyes:
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    I've got to hand it to your boss, he must realize you guys are not abusing the privilege of having such high-tech gear. A sprinkler contractor friend had GPS installed on his employee phones and the service rigs, except he did not tell the boys about the GPS on the trucks, because he was mostly interested in fuel consumption, etc. Happened to check the GPS on one of his rigs, the tech was 40 miles away from where the service call was supposed to be, bonking his honey. He'd shut his phone down, thinking the boss could not track him, wrong.
  10. BrandonV

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    thats not what your g/f said :cool2:

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