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    Hello to all,
    I am a 27 year old Christian, Husband of 8 Years, and father of 3 boys and one girl. Yes I know what causes children, and have fixed the plumbing problem and turned back on the cable.:usflag:
    Basically,after briefly goofing around with lawncare when I was 19, I later realized what an opportunity I had missed and started looking and planning a successful way back into the business. This Time for keeps.
    My break came August of 2007 in the form of a 19 yr old kid who was tired of mowing lawns. For 10G I purchased 24 small residential accounts, some weekly, some not, and some mid grade equipment.( John deere 36" walk behind, John deere 21" self propelled peice of junk, 52" encore ztr, 1 stihl br600 Blower, 1 fs 110 kombi line Trimmer and a Very nice 7X16 Landscaping Trailer.) I worked In the oilfield at the tim anywhere from 60 - 110 hrs a week, literally. 6 days on call 24 hrs, 3 days off. Not the best environment for growing and managing a second business, but I was determined to make it work. I found an American who was very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and fast who Had an open schedule to do whatever lawns that needed doing,solo when necesarry . I know from reading these posts that finding someone like that is a real Blessing from God. I continued employment with my "real job" until April of 08. I was forced to let go of My previously dependable help, when due to personal problems at home his performance went straight down the drain. By then we were up to 39 lawns And I new it was my time to jump. In the first 2 weeks I picked up 15 Lawns! By the end of the season, I had upgraded all my equipment, hired two full time employees, grown to 76 lawns, and was making much better money than when I was working in the oil field. I would like to point out it was extremely demanding, stressful, and downright scary at times. But man am I glad I did. Now, this year The company is poised for another great year of growth. I am out trying to add more commercial acct's to the mix on a daily basis. Just need to figure out a way to get a second ZTR, but I have some ideas. Most Importantly I am putting it all in God's hands, just like last year .
    I know I am VERY new to the biz, but I am hoping this will help others of you out there thinking about making your first steps, or maybe you already have begun. Either way, the opportunity is real, and the business is realatively simple. Just always come through on your word, and treat your customers the way you expect to be treated. Good Luck!!

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    Welcome to Lawnsite. Good luck in the upcoming season.
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    Lawnmasters - probably should think about getting together and chatting sometime. I'm new (to the business) in Tyler, and would like to talk about your experiences sometime.

    Let me know (live in Chandler on the lake, business will be focused on the Tyler area - just starting).
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    No Problem man. How many lawns do you have? I bet you could pick up alot of business right At the lake. What are you doing to make ends meet over the winter?
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    Hello and welcome to the site...I look forward to chatting with you in the future!

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