The LED Warehouse Thread

I liked all of my LED Warehouse lights.

A couple jobs from 2013.
You need to take pictures just as the sun is going down. This way you see the house and the lights together for the full effect. When I started in 2009 I did the same thing but immediately realized the problem.

The challenge you get each year when you pick up a bunch of new clients is trying to find the time to get pictures of all the houses since you only have about a 30 minutes a day with perfect lighting.


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Like this?





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I know I've posted this elsewhere, but we are a supplier of LED Christmas lights.

We are based out of SW Michigan, so we are a good choice for folks in the Midwest and the northeast. We ship most orders received by 3pm the same day.

We have a specific website for our wholesale customers that I won't post here, but feel free to shoot me a PM and I will pass it along.
You do have to get your account approved before you purchase. Typically we just need proof you are a real Christmas light business (tax ID...etc) before we will approve your account.

If you have any questions about us or our products, let me know.

Good luck everyone!
We are interested.
Shoot me an email
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