The long awaited arrival...... need some ideas too

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by bigjeeping, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. bigjeeping

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    i dont think hubcaps will attach ?
  2. mcwlandscaping

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    one of the sponors on here carrys them, ask them if you can put them on that truck in their forum
  3. mcwlandscaping

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  4. ajordan193

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  5. Jason Rose

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    A good cleaning, primer, and a couple cans of spray paint would fix the wheels up! It certianly would be EASIER to paint them if the tires weren't mounted, but that's a LOT of work and expense just to fix some shabby rims. A good tape off job would work fine too.

    As for the color... I think silver/gray is pretty standard affair. Black would certianly be different!

    That's a REALLY nice looking truck! So nice when the paint is all new and clean...

    You really want rino-liner in the bed? That stuff is designed to make stuff NOT slide, that's the opposite of what you want in a dump bed. I used an undercoating material called chassis saver IN my dump bed. I'll find the link and post it, you can read for yourself the details on it. It's tough stuff though, and nice and slick! Don't let the inital description fool you, this stuff is for a lot more than just frames and undercoating...
  6. amar

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    Crome wheel simulators are the way to go there made for this app. Or you could paint them purple. It would help on the name and recondition lol. No on the Rino liner (Been there done that) your loads will not slide well and when loaded with 12 + " stones over time it chunks it up. The Rino guy in YPSI. will fix it but how often do you want to go back? If you do it tell the guy you want the 1/4 inch not the half ass job.
  7. bigjeeping

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    Yeah I dont want any sticking, so ill probably pass on the rhino liner. That underbody stuff looks good!

    How many gallons do you think it would take to cover the 9x7.5' bed?
  8. Jason Rose

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    My bed is 7' x 9' and I covered the insides os the 2' tall sides and 2' up the front (up to the luvers on the headache rack) and I used right about a half a gallon. I applied 2 coats using a 4" roller and then used an old paint brush to smooth the air bubbles out as I progressed thru each section. Whatever you use to apply it with plan on throwing it away! Once the stuff cures it's permanent and there is NO chemical that will remove it. Download the PDF instruction sheet they have and read it CLOSELY.

    I bought my can, and a quart of the thinner at a local automotive paint store, but it looks like it can be ordered thru the website as well, the prices were the same. (you need the thinner to pour ON TOP of what's left in the can between coats and to clean any off from places you don't want it, you have to get it before it cures though!)

    If you have any more questions, let me know!
  9. Edgewater

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    I would paint the wheel with a light grey. You would notice a big difference just by painting the lugs and hubs black.

  10. iluvscag

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