The lull got me.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GreenLight, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Went on a two month tear where literally most days were 7am-7pm in the field and then 9-passout in the office. Like most people in irrigation this time of year, it was so busy I didn't have time to relax long enough to screw up my schedule.

    Then Thursday and Friday of last week the phone stopped ringing, I got caught up in the office and had a nice relaxed weekend all the way through Monday. I had a few light calls, but nothing of note. Tuesday and today the phone has started blowing up again and I have found myself in the dreaded "comfortable" zone. Im running a bit loose I guess, just filling in my calendar right now is challenging, much less the idea of actually getting back out there and handling the actual service. Guess I have to give myself a good swift kick in the tail first thing in morning and be out the door knocking out service calls. Anyone else hitting the wall a bit out there?

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    When I slowed down which I rarely did I spent more time selling upgrades and improvements to the few customers I was dealing with. (before anybody gets there knickers in a wad. THEY WERE ALL LEGITIMATE NEEDING TO BE DONE IMPROVEMENTS)

    I rarely left a job without trying to get them back on the calendar. Whether it be in a week or 6 months for another checkup. Another thing you can do is if you don't like verbal selling upgrades is to write a to do list for the system and put it next to or inside the controller. They may see it and then call you immediately or down the road.
  3. GreenLight

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    It's not so much that I ran out of work, I just got a break from the pounding of all day long phone calls needing stuff done yesterday. Rain came in last week and put some of the crazies at peace for a few days, so I caught up around the office and unfortunately I got acclimated with the air conditioner. Now it's back to the pounding of phone calls needing service and my butt's dragging a bit. I committed the cardinal sin of taking a mini vacation in the heat of summer and it's messed with my programming so to speak.
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    I've had to back off a little lately. After going through 2 terible employees the last couple of years, I decided over the winter to just suck it up this season and run alone to save up some money and then hire somebody and start training in Feb. Then, wouldn't you know it, we get hit with one of the worst droughts in history with record highs and lots of wind. It's been like August around here since mid April and the schedule has been FULL. Aug - mid Sept in Tx is BRUTAL but it's at the end of the season so you know it can only last so long. Having the same weather this early in the year with no relief in sight has been really demoralizing. I can handle 100+ degrees and 80% or more humidity but only for so long.

    We're just telling everybody that we're booked up and not scheduling anything for a few days, I need a break or I'm going to burn out. It does make it tough to get back out but with a break at least I'm not as mentally exhausted, besides there was lots of stuff that needed to be done around the office. When I'm running calls all day, every day, the business suffers.
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    To settle any confusion I may cause, when I said "just filling in my calendar right now is challenging" I literally meant the act of filling in the calendar is challenging, not in the figurative sense of filling voids.

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  7. GreenLight

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    it wasn't well stated on my part.
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    Yes sir. :cry:

    Balls to the walls for service and start ups up until last week. Squeezed in a few installs along the way too.

    Even though we are close to a 2.5" deficit for the month of June, we are still 5" over our average rainfall for the things are not burning up which is helpful in lighting up the phones.

    Always seems to happen this time of year for us. Luckily we landed another good install that will start up next week. Of course the week I won't be here. :cry:

    The crack heads have been busy. Seriously, 3 more 1 1/2" PVB's stolen this week. The sad & crazy part is these 3 PVB's were already thieved once this year already.

    I have a feeling these were different thief's than the first. This time they did leave the upstream ball valve and took the rest. Any average theif can do that with a charged system.

    The first time they were stolen the pipe coming out of the wall was crimped tight at the if they turned the ball valves off, cut the pipe below grade, and swung everything up crimping the 1 1/2 copper pipe coming out of the wall then cut the pipe. The system was charged but hardly leaking from their crimp. They actually did an amazing job.
  9. DanaMac

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    I'm doing an intentional slow down for us. I CAN keep going the way we are, but I don't WANT to. My outgoing phone message says something to the effect of "Existing customers, we are scheduling you approximately 5-7 business day from when you call. Potential new customers, we cannot schedule you unless it is 14-21 days out. We are overloaded with work for longtime existing customers." I have 4 pages of upgrades, changes, redesigns that people want done. And I can't even get to those due to the hot, dry, windy weather. We treading water just keeping lawns from dieing.

    Not worth it to me anymore to bust my azz in this industry.
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    We are in the middle of a 500 yr. flood. Most new construction in the flood plain.
    City fathers are encouraging no lawn watering.

    Repair work is done for the most part. Playing a lot of golf and hassling the gurus here. And I know they enjoy it.


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