The MAN above was looking out for me today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sooner74, May 3, 2006.

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    This was the first cut on property so inexperience played a role. I trimmed around the ditch thinking that I would only be mowing the flat areas. Well, I hit part of the slope going into the ditch and with the wet grass I slid right into it. If it wouldn't have been for a spit second reaction to try and straighten out the ZTR as I started to slide; I could have been laying in the ditch with the mower on top of me.

    Yes, I assessed the situation prior and thought I was going about it safely
    No, noone was around to get a laugh out of it.

    Lessons learned

    Bright side of things, I just got a come-along so getting it out the the ditch wasn't any problem.
  2. dKoester

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    Glad your ok! Stay away from ditches please.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Been is a similar situation myself where in a split second I was in serious trouble and right at the ledge of a dropoff nearly straight down into a ditchline. But in my case it was a place I had mowed many times before. It just so happened that this day the conditions were different and my path of travel was shifted about 1" farther to the right....
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    Ditches can be especially dangerous because they often don't look that menacing and you can mow next to them many times without incidence. They don't have to be that deep either, I know of ditches that were only about two feet deep that resulted in death of the operator. Sliding a tire off is one way as once that tire is over the edge at all you've lost traction and control. More common though is the ground giving away, which may occur after heavy rains which can weaken the area next to the ditch. I've also seen a case where an operator was careless and backed into a ditch unfortunately resulting in his death. Sloping ground next to a ditch is also dangerous as you may slide into the ditch. Remember these mowers are very heavy and if they end up on top of you odds are that you will be killed so stay away from ditches. These guys didn't flip over in ditches they were on steep slopes, but they were very lucky to survive:
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    Ive seen some idiots flip walk behinds...Steep???
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    Not bad, but still too close.
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    i have a ditch on my property for drainage. it is at first almost flat and then as you go into it it gets a lok deeper. before my new ridder with traction control, i would always get stuck.
    and there is one at a property, well it isn't really a ditch, but a piece of land that goes from flat and begins to get steep, it doesn't look bad, until it's too late.

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