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    Has anyone used The Measure Meter? Its a walking wheel that counts either in meters or feet. I was wondering if anyone uses it for getting measurements of lawns to bid on? I went and looked at one at Home Depot. It ran for 60 bucks. If you have heard of this or use it what do you think about it? How accurate is it? <br>thanks for you help<br> Dingo
  2. This is the first piece of equipment a contractor needs to buy. If you don't have<br>any idea of what the square footage of turf<br>landscape beds etc. how do you base any labor<br>or materials for a job? Only scrubs use<br>windsheild estimates.
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    I agree with Mr. Stone.<p>I have a Keson (12&quot; wheel?) I really like this wheel size because it's big enough to go across rough ground and thru snow (We did a bunch of those February estimates today) and a 24&quot; is just too big to always take with you and slip in the truck cab, it's just too clumsy.<p>My .02 anyway.<br>
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    A measuring wheel is a must. You can't make a good estimate just looking at the property.<br>Don't buy one with the 4 or 5 inch diameter wheel. <br>

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