The mini excavator verdict is in!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by thepawnshop, Mar 20, 2006.

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    After much thought, I have finally made a decision on which mini excavator I am going to upgrade to. And the winner is (drum roll, please): The John Deere 50D! Does it have the angle backfill blade? Nope. Does it have auxiliary hydraulic controls on the joysticks? Nope. Do they offer the lowest financing rate? And finally, is it the least expensive? Once again, NOPE! Is it the best deal? To me it is. I had to weigh ALL aspects of the deal and I realized that support DOES outweigh many other variables. Of course I wish the Deere had some of the things listed above, but I had the opportunity to spend some time demoing a 50D and I was very impressed.

    I know we all talked about how support was not that large a factor with a new machine, simply because it SHOULD NOT have any problems for some time. Well, we all know if something can go wrong, it more than likely will….and it will happen at the most inopportune time. I have great comfort knowing that if my machine goes down, not only will it be fixed fast, perhaps even onsite, but that while it is down, I will get a loaner to hold me over.

    I seriously think dealer support trumps many other factors when making a buying decision. Now don’t get me wrong….if the 50D was a POS, I definitely would not be buying one…it’s quite a chunk-o-change, but it is a solid machine. If the local Cat dealer or the Gehl dealer or whoever else offered me the not only the same service, but the same level of comfort the decision might have been tougher, but either they didn’t want to (Cat) or couldn’t (Gehl). I am very pleased with my decision but now the waiting game starts. My machine won’t be here till the end of next month but at least that gives me some time to sell my 35D.

    I want to thank all of you for your opinions and thoughts during my search for what would become the perfect machine for me.
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    Good Luck with the machine who knows you might be ordering a brandnew 160LC Deere next year :laugh:
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    Please tell me you got the cab and A/C, I don't like to get dirty running equipment. I'm outta school on the 16th of June, I'll be on the plane the next day so you better have that sucker broken in for me by then. Hahaha.

    Nicely done, service over everything else. It would be nice to have your cake and eat it too, but sometimes it just doesn't work. It's too bad your Cat dealer wasn't very accomodating (let alone polite!) otherwise you could be running with the big dogs. Just pulling your leg! I don't blame you for going with Deere, until my Cat dealer hoses me off we will continue to buy from them, I completely understand where you're coming from if the sales guy was a friend of yours. Plus, you know the service is good. When do you get the new machine?
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    Congrats Doug. I think it is pretty evident that you put a lot of thought into this and I will bet you have made the right decision. Now the hard part is waiting! I am too type A and wanted my new one right away so that also influenced my decision. Please send pictures and keep us updated.
  5. thepawnshop

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    • Cab with heat & air
    • Long Stick
    • Hydraulic Thumb
    • Suspension Seat
    • 12" Bucket
    • 24" Bucket
    • 36" Bucket

    I'll post pics. As far as wanting it right away, well, im kind of glad I have to wait so I have time to get mine gone (they are selling it for me) plus I still have use of mine. Here is the cool thing...once mine IS sold, if I don't have the new machine yet, they are going to give me a "loaner" until it comes in. How friggen cool is that?

    Scag, it really does come down to the dealer. If the Yanmar dealer (not a dig on Yanmar, guys) offered the kind of support and desire for my business I would buy from them, but dealer loyalty goes both ways. Truthfully, I liked A LOT of little things about several different brands, but in the long run this purchase is the perfect fit. Once again, the cheapes machine IS NOT always the least expensive...

    By the way, GR...I was on their lot yesterday looking at a 160LC...dreaming for the moment...and it was SWEET. I have rented one a couple of times but it's gonna take one hell of a subdivision to justify that price. That said, I will have one...guaranteed!

    Thank you again everyone for your patience and insight while I overanalyzed this seemingly obvious purchase.

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    Great to know that all the hard work a salesman and dealer does pays off. I know you will be happy with 50D. With the exception of no angle blade all my customers are pleased with that unit. Tell your salesman congratulations for me. I am sure the other machines would have worked out, but it is nice to know that you have a good salesman and dealer to back you up. I hear so many horror stories about bad product support.....on all brands in different areas. :cool2:
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    How much???:dizzy:

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