The Minority Voice Is Killing Our Industry!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PetalsandPines, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. PetalsandPines

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    Look at this ......And he is a "REPUBLICAN" go figure.......

    County of Erie
    Office of the County Executive
    Joel A. Giambra, Erie County Executive

    News Release

    For Immediate Release Contact: Tim Clark
    Wednesday November 12, 2003 (716) 858-8500


    Based on overwhelming response to the county’s voluntary pesticide enrollment program, Erie County Executive Joel Giambra today announced that he would request the Erie County Legislature to opt in to the state’s pesticide notification law.

    Last spring, a voluntary pesticide notification agreement was reached between industry and environmental groups. It called for notification of neighbors whenever lawns were being treated with pesticides by lawn care companies. Over twelve thousand (12, 000) Erie County residents enrolled in the program.

    The county executive released a report evaluating the pilot phase of the Cooperative Pesticide Notification Program, which he cited in asking the county legislature to consider approval of the state opt in law.

    Because the enrollment requests exceeded original proposed estimates, the county realized that there were several issues that needed to be addressed.

    Among those issues are improved mapping programs, sanctions for those lawn care companies who fail to comply, additional public awareness of the program and consistent notification to residents.

    Opting in to the state’s program will address these concerns.

    “We’ve had an overwhelming response by area homeowners who have expressed their desire to be notified when pesticides are being used in their neighbor’s yards,” said Giambra. “The state opt in ensures that these residents will be well protected through consistent notification,” he concluded

    Michael Powers, Chairman of the Erie County Environmental Management Council said “I am very pleased that we were able to put together a program, under County Executive Giambra's leadership and with the help of representatives of the lawn care industry and local environmental leaders, that provided notification to many area residents during the 2003 lawn care season, when there otherwise would have been none.”

    “Although the overwhelming response we received made it impossible for the cooperative program to handle the volume of notices required, everyone involved should be proud of their efforts to make this work and of the fact that diverse groups came together to give it an honest try, Powers continued. “We are hopeful that the State program will be better able to handle the volume of notices required.”

    - end -

    12,000 Residents enrolled is a MAJORITY????? Are you %%$^& kiddding me.....Once again a minority voice that will create a major problem in the Buffalo NY area. This has got to stop.......They have to stop targeting the lawn care companies and start going after the homeowners....
  2. qualitylandscaping

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    That is a statewide law.. I think its stupid.. We already have to post flags to say what was applied etc and have to leave a "We serviced your property" sheet that has the exact chemical composition of the fertilizer; basically providing the customers with an MSDS report of what the hazards are and what chemicals are found in the fertilizer.:gunsfirin
  3. AL Inc

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    P&P- We already have had neighbor notification here for two years. Not fun. I bailed out of the applications when that happened, I sub all of them now. No way I could keep up with that paperwork. I agree with you 100%, the minority voice is killing us.
    Talk about a politically motivated piece of garbage that law is. They regulate landscapers and lawn care companies, who apply about 20% of pesticides, and not homeowners, farmers, golf courses, or municipalities. What BS. Of course the politicians aren't going to mess with the homeowners (their constituents), farmers (strong lobby), and golf courses (god forbid the high rollers are playing on grass that is less than perfect). We were an easy target who didn't put up enough of a fight.

    They still continue to harp on their belief that pesticides cause cancer. We've been reporting for years, and they've created maps to try to see where incidences are higher. Bottom line.....they've spent millions and have proven nothing. There still isn't any proven link.

    Sorry to say, P&P, but all of NY may be looking at that law soon. Good luck, Mike
  4. Runner

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    We have it here, but it is only those that sign up for it, that go into the notification catalog. It goes by streets and roads, and there are so few, that there is really no notifications needed to put out. I haven't had one yet.
  5. Colorado Mowerboy

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    I guess its nothing a higher price can't fix. More time involved means more money charged. The home owner is getting it in the end. Hope the stupid law does'nt move west.
  6. cemars

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    Just be thankful you don't live in Canada. Things can and will get worse for us here in the states without an organized voice. All the more reason to join and support associations like PLCCA and the Evergreen Fund.
  7. turf hokie

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    They passed it here a couple years ago with great opposition from the local applicators. Six or so very vocal people out did a few dozen landscapers. The 48 notification takes away IPM. When I worked at a supplier I actually had my pesticide sales go up by 40%.Why? B/c granulars are exempt and guess what they dont work as well so all those guys who used granular now had to spray liquids.

    Regulate the unlicensed applicator and the homeowner who thinks that if 1 ounce is good then 2 ounces must be twice as good.

    This small group is killing the educated, knowledgeable professionals.
  8. summergrove

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    If they could come up with a way to email these people it would be much easier. you wouldn't have to spend five minutes. Just email the entire area you will be in. Sorry you guys have to deal with such problembs I hope those laws don't make it down here.
  9. GreenQuest Lawn

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    Hey runner, Have you noticed that in the notification book, people seem to jump on the band wagon? Seems if there is one on a street give it a year and EVERYONE on the street is on the list. I read that you have to have a documented condition from a doctor as to warrent being on the notification.

    I understand that this could be apartment complexes and with the original registy and adjacent properties could add up to the large numbers of people on the same street, but some are close to 100 people on the same street. Seems odd

    I am glad there are no entries from my county and I would just stay away from those areas if there were.
  10. envi lawn

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    The CT. Groundskeepers Assoc. has recently developed a pro-active strategy for dealing with the issues of banning lawn care pesticides in CT. We can't allow the vocal minority to put lawn care companies out of business. Join the CGKA and be heard.
    Check out

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