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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Mar 3, 2004.

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    I'll tell you guys what. The more I read about Primo Maxx, the more excited I get. I candefinitely see the benefits of using the stuff, but the only thing I don't understand about marketing it is this. I see where a lot of guys on here are mixing it in with their other pre, and post m herbicides. By mixing it in with the other chemicals, you are covered for the labor of spraying it on the customer's lawn. What I'm not sure about is whether, or not you guys are charging the customer to cover the expense of the amount of Primo you use on their lawns. If I understand you guys correctly. It takes approximately $3 worth of Primo to treat 1000 sq ft. If you charge the customer nothing more than the cost of material used, you just doubled the cost to the customer for doing the app. How do most of you handle this?

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    Doesn't Primo slow the grass down from growing? Or am I thinking of something else?
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    not only that, but it also increases density, reduces blade size and gives the grass a darker color.

    Vic, youve got mail. :)
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    At labeled rates Primo costs less than $1.50/M here. Most folks are charging around $8/M for a regular service. The really good sales people are getting paid for Primo by explaining it is an ingredient in a turf quality improvement package. But on those occasions the client refuses to purhcase an optional service many are making the treatment with a purhcased service (perfectly legal since the labels is on file from the spring package) & not charging anything more for it.

    The last thing in the world anyone should ever do is try to charge more money than normal for a service that makes mowing easier on you! Even a dumb customer will likely laugh you right off their property.

    One customer of mine tank mixes Primo with Bolster Seaweed extract that contains Iron. He promotes the service as one that -

    "improves rooting & turf density by regulating plant energies using naturally occurring plant growth regulators that are both man made & natural organic."

    The piece goes on to explain the benefits of humic acids & micronutrients, etc. It even includes some information on how turf can better defend itself against weeds, insects, & diseases when it's kept in peek health thus reducing the need for chemicals, etc.

    Pretty smooth. And he's not lying.

    Remember. When dealing with the retail consumer, their perception is reality. Use it to your advantage & you'll make more happy with more satisfied customers.


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    that is a great way to market it thanks for the tip
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    I never got that email from you

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    Im thinking about adding this service on a limited trial basis this spring. I want to try it on my own lawn first so I know what to expect.
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    Thanks, good info.

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