The Mossy Rock Lobster

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    I dont sell lobsters.
    So guess what I do sell..

    My name is Josh, and i've been carting mossy granite for the past 10 years.
    I supply a premium 'dryscaping' material that is handcollected to maximise beauty and minimise environmental impact- with an eventual goal of total sustainabiltiy and educational programs relating to permacultre and natrual alternatives.
    Covered in living mosses and lichen, 'MOSSY ROCK' can create the perfect 'instant' native garden. Perfect for todays watersaving mindset.
    At present, my desire is to expand my capable range of supply and to simultaneously raise the image of the penultimate natrual garden product.
    There are many alternatives to walls, edging and garden feautres but this is the real deal.

    Its damn heavy stuff, but if there are many Australians around here, i'd like to form some arrangement to supply you with wholesale price product. Transport is the main challenge, although well worth it to work something out.

    *Make some extra money in your business by referring me to dry-lay or supply mossy bush rock for you.


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