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Well not really, but those who know what lies beneath may understand my fear. We knocked this out today, it is of course the ugliest wall I've ever made, its strictly done as a service to a long time customer who has got the short end of the stick. His home now 15 years old had this grinder pump installed way below grade. The originally plumber has a wood 2'x2'x18" deep "manhole" to access the tank's lid then of course its another 5' to the bottoms of the tank. Well of course the pump has died and of course the new sewer contractor refused to work on the old system unless they brought in a backhoe and tore up the entire yard and installed a new tank. They then said if he made it "accessible" to the big boy that services the tanks that'd do. So much to our chagrin we were the solution. It not the prettiest wall, never used "castle wall" before, but since we're a belguard dealer we have access to it as well and it's cheaper... the homeowner wanted things as cheap as possible since "he'd never see it again" The power supply line messed up our spacing on the backside be everything is solid and the one side looks quite nice I thought. There is also a french drain behind the wall so the plumber won't get wet as required by them.

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