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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BubbaD, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. BubbaD

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    Don't worry, I won't ask what is the best mower. I have been reading here and on two other forums for two days now, but I do need some advice on how much power I need. I have sent out emails to about 15 local dealers and will start visiting them this week.

    I live in Santa Fe, Tx and have one acre of thick St. Augustine. My current JD LX133, w a 15hp Koehler and 38" deck with mulcher has done a great job, but after 10 years I have decided to get a ZTR. With all the rain we have had, my grass is really growing and this last weekend, I spent 4 1/2 hours cutting my grass three times to get it right. I cannot spend this much time and need a bigger deck and more power to cut my mowing time.

    I have decided that the smallest motor I would consider is a 19 HP, but will the 19hp pushing a 48-50 inch deck have enough power to cut my grass or would I need to consider a 20 or 25 hp engine. I know you cannot cut as low with a mulcher, but with a deck this size I could easily make two passes in less time than my current mower will cut in one pass.

    I have enjoyed reading here and have added this site to my other favorite forum reading sites and will visit often.
  2. Frue

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    i am a huge fan of the 27 kohler!
  3. Nosmo

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    Just my opinion 23 HP with a 48" deck. I have a 23 HP with a 54" and sometimes I wish it were bigger. (engine)

  4. tomo

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    hello, i use 25 hp on 42 and a 52 inch deck.
    Using a 27 or a 28 efi will cut your times dramaticlly especially if u use a 52 with 28hp efi .
    If u are interested in productivity at least a 25 hp engine is recomended of 675cc or greater in displacement .
    When u have enough horse power blades do not slow/bog down, not only is productivity up but quality of cut is easily achieved.


    ps a second rate deck is as bad as not having enough hp, please no second rate machines but i guess it depends on your budget .
  5. Rob.C

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    I use a 60" 28 h.p. E.F.I super-z and its great.:weightlifter:
  6. cybervision

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    My 52" Super Mini Hustler has a 25hp Kawasaki engine. That is more than enough power even with those big pumps. I was even running doubles with gators and recut the discharge frequently.

    Be sure to Demo before buying. Do not buy any machine before using it on your property. If the dealer won't let you demo go to the next.

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