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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by charlies, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. charlies

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    last week i got the "umm, yeah, our nephew is going to cut the lawn every other week this year, so can you send a contract reflecting an every other week plan?"

    i have seen this variation a number of times over the last few years. i tell them, fine, but if we get out there and it hasn't been taken care of the week before, making it so that we have to double or triple cut, you will be charged accordingly. i put it in the contract. funny thing is, at least 50% of the time, the 'nephew' never materializes and they ask if we can just go back to every week.

    you guys have the same thing?
  2. Creative Lawn Care

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    Never had it done just like that, but similar situations. Just last week I had a $415 a month contract come up for renewal. On Friday they were ready to renew, on tuesday I went in with the new contract and before I could even show them they informed me the secretarys husband lost his job friday afternoon and was now doing lawn care!!! I had been working for them for 4 years. Oh well they come and go. Situations like that cant really be avoided as long as you are dealing with other people.
  3. locutus

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    When money gets involved, some people can become very creative liars.
  4. charlies

    charlies LawnSite Senior Member
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    i meant to say i have seen the nephew twice and a number of variations on it, the son-in-law, the prodigal son, etc.
  5. Lbilawncare

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    They never trim anything, they must think " I'll just hit it next week" Screw that program, there are a lot better people out ther than that to deal with.

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