The nerve of some idiots..

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by cessnasovereign, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. cessnasovereign

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    :laugh: So today I weas cutting down some trees and asked permission to dump the waste on a friends property (about 5 acres in the country) and while I'm back my truck and trailer down the trail, a guy stops and rolls down his window, so I step out of the truck to see what he wants and he very rudely says "You, come here." so I say "Uhh no." then he asked if I was a business and he went on to say what I'm doing is a felony, I will be arrested and he is calling the county so I try to explain to him that he's an idiot because I have permission to be here, it's not his property, he's not a cop, I don't have to tell him anything and he needs to move out of my way and all he did for 5 minutes was argue about whether or not I had permission to be there, saying "I don't think you have permission to be here", finally I told him that he has exactly 10 seconds to get the **** out of my way or he will see what a felony really is. :laugh:

    I swear, had he stayed and had he not had his kid in the car, he would be missing some teeth. If he was so concerned all he had to do was pull up and politely ask if he had permission, not that it's any of his business anyway!!

    That just made me sooo freaking mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else have any other idiot stories lately?

    Oh and then a lady calls the other day and swears we stole her check and didn't cut the grass, she then said her neighbor is a "40 year veteran of bell south and he watched us" :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: what in the hell does being a 40 year "veteran" of a phone company have to do with cutting grass? Then she mentioned getting a lawyer and calling the BBB, all this over $40.. I then explained to her, she wasn't getting a penny and the grass was cut, I know this because I WAS THERE!

    I went out to the house and you can clearly see the tracks from the mower plus you can tell it's been mowed..
  2. JB1

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    When it rains ,it pours.
  3. cessnasovereign

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    Yep.. And I didn't mention that on Monday another idiot called to complain that there are weeds growing in her flower beds, even though she watched them being sprayed, so I had to explain that roundup doesn't instantly kill and dissolve weeds, it does take a few hours, then she said one of the workers was "playing basketball with the fat neighbor kid in the street."
    Uhh I think not, the ball almost hit the truck and he tossed it back to the kid one time. I swear if this guy lets his wife call one more time, he will be cutting the grass himself.
  4. Dunn's

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    Hey even if he was playing basketball with the kid why does it matter. does his hourly pay come out of her pocket,cause if so I need to get me one of these customers. So I guess when I decide to talk on my cell phone to my other half or my crew or uncle while unloading the trailer and it takes me an extra ten minutes to get started my customers can call the office and tell on me.Thats why we put in our company policy that any disrespect of our employee's management or owners of any kind can/will cause cancellation of service.
  5. DLCS

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    Must be something with those 40 year Bell Telephone veterans. My neighbor is a "40 year Vet of Bell" and he thinks that he is the neighbor hood detective. But really, thats the problem. She needs to tell her neighbor to mind his own business. Some of my customers neighbors are royal pain in the arses.
  6. woodall1

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    I was yelled at a few weeks ago because I was on a dead end road and backed my trailer in a driveway to turn around. The guy was totally bent out of shape. It would be different if I backed over something or damaged his property and was trying to leave without paying. He's known as the neighborhood prick, and he lives up to his name.
  7. JT1304

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    Great....... What is it w/the NC folks nowadays?!?!? One of my clients accused me of not cutting the week before last b/c she didnt see me. Shes a preacher who lives in $1.5 mill home she bought with her lottery winnings. No offense, but she got a little money and now thinks she's something. :dizzy:
  8. mak2

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    I went through that you did not mow thing this summer. She insisted I mow again on Tuesday and I had mowed on Thursday and it was extermely hot and did not rain. I am big on dumping PITA's. But when I told her OK fine get someone else, she was very apologetic and paid me. I really did mow, but I undershot the weekly quote and she knows it. Next season I wont be mowing her yard.
  9. woodall1

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    I dumped an account last summer because she "questioned" my monthly invoice. Why would I lie about a $35 mowing? Its not like I could get rich off of it and even worse would be the bad reputation I would get from it.
  10. dcondon

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    Ya, I have had that happen also.:gunsfirin :gunsfirin

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