The new 10,001 lbs and higher truck laws in OHIO might be overturned!!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gatewayuser, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Westerville, Ohio - Feb. 11, 2011 - The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association (ONLA) has been following changes to be made to Ohio's Motor Carrier Transportation Safety Rules by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). The rule changes are substantial and will significantly impact members of Ohio's green industry, specifically those operating vehicles with GVW of 10,001 to 26,000 pounds. These rule changes will become effective January 1, 2012.

    State Representative Cheryl Grossman has introduced legislation (House bill 82) to overturn these recently enacted PUCO regulations for truck and trailer operations.

    The PUCO has launched a series of "listening sessions" for the purpose of determining the financial impact on businesses of the new Motor Carrier Safety Rules. The first listening session was held Wednesday, February 9 in Grove City and several ONLA members provided excellent testimony.

    The ONLA urges members to attend and voice their concerns to PUCO at the following sessions (each session is scheduled for 5-6:30 p.m.):

    * Feb. 22, 2011, Middletown, Ohio
    * Feb. 23, 2011, Akron, Ohio
    * Feb. 24, 2011, Findlay, Ohio
    * March 1, 2011, Cambridge, Ohio
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    Good Luck to you...I'm down in Missouri, i've even actually called a state representative to complain about it...not that it will do any good.... The government talks big how they want to help small small business....B.S. they are going to regulate us out of business!!! excuse me while I step off my soapbox
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    Not much different than the laws we have already in IL.

    A legitimate business should already have the requirements anyways.

    The only real kicker I saw was the log book requirement, but only if you are working outside of the 150mile range they stated.
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    There is plenty in the new law that has nothing to do with being a legitimate business. Some of it is good but in whole all it does is hurt legitimate small business and give another pas to the non-legit businesses. It is going to be a paperwork nightmare for the legit operators but the guys mowing for pennies and beer money most likely don't run commercial plate and will be waived right through the check stations.

    I hope they can overturn it but I highly doubt it. I remember reading somewhere that it is mandated by the federal government if they want certain monies from the fed.
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    The over 10,001 laws have been on the books in KS for a long time, they just began cracking down and enforcing them last year. Time to generate some revenue for the state huh? I totally agree, it's bat-chit insane some of the regulations. A lot of it is common sence stuff, maintience stuff, and I'm not against that. But when you start mandating daily logs and inspections by the driver, going to classes annualy, and on and on... It's just stupid. I have 2 friends that drive delievery trucks for Budweiser and both of them tell me that they DO NOT have to keep a daily log book of any sort because they don't travel far enough to mandate keeping one. Yet the KCC (kansas corperation commision) tells ME that I have to. What? They are drving trucks 4 times the size of mine... Something stinks here.

    I know Kansas would never repeal the law, look at the profits it generates! Makes for a living hell for the small business person for sure. I almost dread leaving the house with my lawn rig every day as last summer where was state troopers combing the town on an almost daily basis. And yes I got pulled over too. The MOST irritating thing is that NO ONE actually knows what the laws really are. The DOT inspector will tell you one thing, the "saftey compliance" outfit tells you something else, then this "KCC" comes in and tells you that you have to have 10 times more than what the DOT wants.
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    if your with in 100 miles of your terminal/yard whatever you want to call it , you dont need to keep a log book
  7. Jason Rose

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    that's what I'm told too. But the KCC wants people to believe differently.

    This is why I've honestly chosen to "ignore" some of this input I'm getting. Whart I really care about is being safe and being able to pass a roadside inspection from a stop by a DOT inspector.
  8. AintNoFun

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    im actually for this (minus log books) .. i see A LOT of junk on the roads that shouldn't be.. i dont want my family killed some dirtbag is driving around in a ticking time bomb..
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    This is a good point, and why they are cracking down finally. I feel proud that I got through a random stop/inspection and didn't get put out of service. Almost every other guy in town that was stopped got the red tag on either the truck or the trailer, or both! It pays to be a little anal about the hitch and the brakes... That's the 2 biggest things that they look at, next to tire condition.
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    In mn/wi it costs me approximately $400 in vehicle inspection per year (2trucks/2trailers). Any repairs needed should have been done anyways how I look at it. $80 every other year for a med card. Keeping driver files up yearly 1hr. Keeping vehicle files already were done but I would say a hr per month to keep details better. Daily vehicle inspections about a minute to walk around and fill out. Log books are if your over 100 air miles or working more than 12hrs a day, at times I need this because of hrs.

    I cross states lines so federal laws are what I follow. You basically can get the intially paperwork/files done in a day. And the fuel transfer tanks in the box for federal rules require haz mat training etc.
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