The New Gravely Pro-Turn

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    We are excited to show you our newest model in the Gravely zero-turn lawnmower lineup.

    This mower is built commercial-tough to take on the daily work of the landscape contractor. The high back thick cushioned seat with isolators absorb bumps and vibrations to provide operator comfort.

    Additional information is available at the Pro-Turn zero turn mower page on

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  2. lifetree

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    Interesting !!
  3. GMLC

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    The new Pro-Turn was a great move by Gravely. There is a market for entry level mowers. So many people on LS want to buy there first commercial ZTR!!
  4. jawga11

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    Bought one the other day as a backup mower. 06 hustler is getting up there and is in the shop now. Love this mower. When the hustler comes back I is going to be hard to keep the pro turn as the back up.
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    We appreciate your message. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying your new Pro-Turn, and we hope you get many years of great use out of it.


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