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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by casey humphrey, Mar 21, 2008.

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    hello peeps first off i would like to say that this is a great web site!!!
    i started off as a hard working kid on a lawn care crew for about a year and than moved on in life and now i would like to get back into the swing of things 4 years later i currently mow a Walgreen's this property takes me about an hour to mow with 2 mowers and to top it off i used my friends old beat up 60 deck toro this year i bought some of my own equipment a scag 52 hydro turn with a 17 kawy and i still have the 22 lawnboy so to speak i am a very small outfit but i love the biz and the money is good for a part timer my question is this what is a good way to bid a property these days i thought 30-35 an hour per machine was a good starter and i think i am undershooting my self i have read from this web site the going rate is about 50 to 60 an hour if there is any advise for me please drop me a note thanks and happy mowing
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    As far as what to charge per hr, depends on economy and the going rate in your area.

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