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Hello everyone... Ive been in the business of mowing residential lawns for 11 years now. Started when I was 16. During that time Ive supported myself through college (community) and aquired a A.A. in Ornamental Horticulture. I have about 45 houses in the Southern California Area and one employee. Iam in the process of studying for my C-27 lic and hope to have it by the beginning of next next year. My major goal is the have a big Landscaping company (Design,Installation) with Maintenance on the side by the year 2002. Are there any of you from the California area? preferrably southern california??? I have no landscaping contacts out here because alot of my competitors (as far as maintenance is concerned) are low balling gardeners. Know of any landscape contractors/gardeners in the SO Ca area, please let me know.

I can tell this board is going to help me out on moving up in the industry, and get me away from the characterized (Gardener). I feel I dont have the respect (in my community)for the high quality of service that i provide...... Thanks everyone....




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Central Florida
Welcome to Lawnsite Mark.
There are a few guys from the San Fran area. Check out the member list at the top of the page.
We visited your area a few years ago. My wife and daughter started talking about moving after two days of no humidity.
This is a cool site.
Welcome Mark. I am in the Portland OR market area. I am somewhat familar with the SoCal landscape scene. I had a branch operation down there back in the late 80's for a while. Tough market. If you make it there, you've made it. Good Luck. Write a good business plan and go for it.