The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

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    isn't a cheetah somewhat of a TT and a SZ put together? speed of the super z and cut of the TT.
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    The difference in grasses, and location in our country dictates mower preference. I was going to the dentist in South Carolina this morning; I got to the office a little early, just as I was about to turn into the parking lot I looked across the road and saw a new Super Z cutting a large manufacturing property. This is out in a more rural area, an area where you see a car pass maybe once every three minutes.

    I decided since I had a few minutes to kill I would ask how the person mowing liked the new Super Z. I noticed he appeared to be mowing at full speed, but this is more sandy type property with stiff blade grass, and a few weeds thrown in the mix from what I saw. I stopped and stepped out of the vehicle as he made another pass then pulled up to where I was standing. I told him I had run Super Z's for many years and wondered what he thought of the new design? He said this was his first experience with Hustler and had previously used nothing but Exmark mowers. He then proceeded to tell me the 31 Kawasaki had ample power in the type grass he cut, and his productivity had probably increased 40%. He made the statement he never really believed all the hype about a Super Z cutting at the speed claimed, but he would now admit it would eat his Exmarks alive, and there was absolutely no comparison in the difference of productivity.

    I told him how much difference the Hustler flex forks made in how the mower would ride, and he should seriously consider them. I also told him I had no idea what air pressure he normally ran in his mowers but to never go above 10 psi on the Super Z, and he could move into the 8 psi range which I use for a softer ride than the 10 psi would give. I told him than the lowest air pressure he could run and feel comfortable with would give him the best ride, because the softness of the low pressure tires reacted to rough terrain faster than any mechanical device, and that included the independent suspension such as Ferris uses.

    I will tell you this person was totally thrilled by the performance and productivity of his new Super Z. Once he got wound up telling me about all the things he liked about his new mower, which had 39 hrs, I could hardly get away, and was almost late for my appointment. Many times people hate to stop and talk with someone because time is money, but he was getting so much grass cut so quickly, and loved the mower so much, he really wanted to talk detail, and I really enjoyed hearing his thoughts.
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    I'd have to agree with the guy Puppy. On large properties my SZ even blows away my old 31hp SZ in productivity. Im seeing up to around 30% better at times.

    Im sure the 31 on the new machine would be fine if you didnt have any hills or grass was kept under control but the 37 is certainly recommended if you work in less than perfect conditions regularly.

    On another note had a crazy thing happen yesterday.
    Mowing this cr@ppy property I felt like the engine changed somehow, more vibrations or something. Got of, had a look for sticks etc in an around the belts etc. Nothing visible and was only at idle was it bad so kept mowing.
    About one minute later I start feeling the right stick fighting me to go into reverse. I had problems with the park break on that side a few weeks ago so thought maybe that was it so stop mowing, load up and head to mechanic. I DO NOT wanting the azz end of this machine freezing on a property again. Its so heavy would almost need a skid steer to move it.
    Anyway, get to dealer, he gets on and feels the lever, yep, something wrong. Take it around to mechanic. he looks under seat and pulls out this little stone which was wedged between the lever linkage and the pump. I AM AN IDIOT!
    Then he check the vibration. We take hydro belt off and theres a little piece of wood wedged in a pulley. I am not just an idiot but, A MORON and embarrassed as all hell!
    I could do nothing but put sh!t on myself about it but Ive gone 2 yrs without this sort of thing happening (bits in pulleys) and to have those 2 things happen so quickly to each other I had to think the worst.
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    that happened to me before but luckily i found the problem myself. :laugh: i had sweet gum balls getting stuck behind the steering dampners.
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    Realslow. Well I lived in Orlando Florida the last year I was there we had 107 or so murders with a population of around 3mill. Here last year with a population of 350,000 there were 140 some murders. Country is beautiful would be the best place in the world to live if you could get the natives out. People have no value of life, and throw trash everywhere, very narrow minded. The plus side is there is no stress people are laid back and lazy no hustle and bustle. I was in a very stressful high paying job in the states that almost killed me so moved down here to live.
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    Does the hydraulics on your new mower pull the power (I would say not) as does the 21cc pumps? I am going to guess your mower will use as much fuel as can be pulled through a 37 hp Kawi due to the cutting conditions in your area. I would be interested in knowing if they have improved the fuel consumption to any degree. I'm going to guess your mower in the type grass you cut is going to be in the 2.5+ gph range, but if you do get into what would be considered medium cutting in this area it may drop into the 2.2to 2.3 gph range. If you get a chance, please check the fuel usage.
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    I used to live in the north Orlando area many years back, Altamonte Springs to be exact. I-4 and 436.

    Why Belize vs some other place, or another state for that matter? Just curious.
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    I have a buisness plan " not lawn care" that will work here just trying to get financing for it. Have land down here to sell. hasnt sold yet so just biding my time. with real estate the way it is might be a few years. Thats why I started this lawn buisness. Hold me out for a while its doing better than I had anticipated, so just growing it.
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    Best I've got so far cutting normal grass but all slope is 3.5hrs out of 25 liters. You'll have to do the math but I think it's around 1.8gal/hr. I am cutting a lot of grass in those 3.5hrs though.

    It hard to say about hydros robbing power. I haven't tried a 31 but IMO the 37 is a good match. I wouldn't want any less for what I've been doing.

    I'm surprised you haven't demod one yet. Thought you be right onto it!
    I would of appreciated your opinion!
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    NO! :nono: And Jason, you've got Cheetah on the brain!:laugh:

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