The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

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    My Wife has a hoover vacuum, a couple weeks ago the bracket on it where it pivots broke. To me it would have been a wear and tear issue, so I took it apart and called the retailer I bought it from to ask whether they could order a new bracket for me. Its just under 2 yr old with a 2 yr warranty, he said just bring it in and we'll send it away, itll be covered under warranty. I was concerned they would get it and see the problem, then tell me its wear and charge me to fix it, which would end up costing nearly as much as a new one with labour costs etc.

    Anyway we got the vacuum back with the bracket replaced & to our surprise a new motor had been fitted aswell. We hadnt mentioned anything about the motor, but it was lacking in power a little after so much use. So they took it upon themselves to test that and decided to fit a new one.

    Thats what I call great warranty & sticking by your product.

    Yet Hustler arent even willing to send Mick a can of yellow paint to cover the mods he is making in attempt to fix a problem that originates from them, which they should be making every effort to fix.
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    Here (should be) some pics of the XR7 deck cutting stuff...

    Green, the pic in this thread of the baffle is what I have now.

    Our issues arent about whats left on top, theres no way around it without feathering the stuff. The issue is only the clumps.

    I'll sound like a broken record here but the problem is entirely about the rear of the chute. Clippings getting caught up and then dropping. While the clippings are coming out the front, there is no problem.

    Hustler just needs to come up with a way to stop the clippings getting caught. A well designed baffle is all thats needed Im sure, but I/we shouldnt be the ones to come up with the fix. Cutting and welding cr@p on a less than 1yr old deck is complete bullsh!t!

    Ive been chatting with a guy recently about him purchasing a used 05 72" SZ". I advised him to buy a new machine. He likes the X1. I havent really mentioned the clumping stuff due to he's just a home owner and would only use it on his own property. I will have to tell him about all this and to look more seriously at a different brand. Any other brand!

    What annoys me most is that Hustler HAVE to know about this, Ive told them myself but they just arent helping AT ALL, Nothing!
    Cover your ears and close your eyes Hustler, its not really happening, no no, not happening. Nothing to see here!

    Rant over!
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    A lousy can of paint! FFS!

    I had another Aussie friend on here back in the day (Tonyr) who bought a JD 997 with a rear discharge deck (against advice I might add). He ended up having major problems with the screen on the back getting clogged up and over heating the machine. This went on for a long while and his dealer made mods etc to no avail. In the end his dealer gave him a brand new machine but it was too late. He went broke!
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    Did you mean to quote me in this post? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with what I posted to you about JT.:confused:
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    Not really :dancing:, I was just carrying on the conversation re: hustler & their bad way of going about business.

    Dont mind me...
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    Mick & Green-

    I'm thinking if you affixed a baffle here where I have the black, and/or where I have it green, you would force the clippings out along the front edge from the center and left blades, leaving only the smaller amount of clippings coming from the right blade to actually hit the back area of the discharge chute. I hope that makes sense. The baffles would have to be shorter in height than the rear baffles are so that the blades can pass under them. They are exactly what I have under my MOD deck in those areas. They are actually straight steel plates in between each blade, not curved like I sorta have them looking.

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    the post about clipping size is just nonsense. i've cut with factory deere blades which made long clippings without clumping as well as now i use the oregon G6 blades which make tiny clippings and i get no clumping.

    mickhippy used factory blades on his vx4 deck that make long clippings and got clumping and he used the G6 blades on his vx4 deck as well making tiny clippings and he still got clumping.

    it has nothing to do with clipping size.
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    I see what you mean, and what your thinking but thats a kind of mod I really dont want to know about. Welding burns the paint so I reckon Id have to take pullies etc off to sand and repaint, with a miss matched coloured paint!
    It would be up to Hustler to screw up one of there decks!
    Appreciate the thought though!:drinkup:
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    With regard to the XR7 deck, the rear edge of the chute is a straight & thin section with no boxing at all. So the grass can find its way right past the edge of chute without gathering.

    It seems that the VX4 is going to need the same edge. Have you been able to rule this out as a theory, do you think this idea if off the beaten track?

    Rant all you like I say. Its bull **** to even be discussing this, shouldnt be spending our spare time worrying about this stuff when we bought a mower to cut grass and spread it out better then our previous mowers.

    Do you have any clients that are unhappy with the job & hence are you concerned about losing them if the problems not resolved by next growing season?
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