The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Mickhippy

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    Well, after all the clumping "issues" Ive reported about the deck, I will give it credit for cutting long stuff like this. Its a great deck and machine for this kind of stuff. I have quite a few lawns like this at the moment due to all the rain.

    This was 4 weeks growth cut at 3.5" and triple cut ie, from right to left, make a pass throwing clipping onto previously cut grass, come back over that pass, then let dry out mowing other areas then come back and re do normally. I think it came up pretty well all things considered and loved having an hourly rate on this one.

    The truth though will raise its ugly head when I go back next week to clean it up properly cutting at 2.5 to 3" but for now, Im glad I have the machine!






  2. Green Mtn. Guy

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    Any update Mick on the deck? Is Hustler working with you on a fix? Could I get a measurement from trim side bumper to discharge side? I'm wonder what the measurment is on the 60" with no chute added into it. The website says 66"! Thanks.
  3. Mickhippy

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    Still waiting mate. Its ok, Ive only been waiting 12mths! :rolleyes:
    I measured the deck at very close to 61" without the deflector. Certainly not 66".
  4. weeze

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    i hate hustler at this point. i'll never buy one.
  5. greenology

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    Not worth it, spend your hard earned elsewhere.
  6. mtmower

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    I've had 10 plus years of what I feel is great reliability and I work my mowers beyond hard. I'm constantly impressed by the beating they take. I am a maintenance nut which I'm sure helps and I've sold and upgraded SZs prior to 1500 hrs. so so far have not had to deal with pump/wheel motor issues. I've run the orig standard deck and XR7. Calling direct to the company has proven to be helpful in the few times I needed it. I also have a good dealer contact out of state which has some of the highest volume sales in the nation which has been an invaluable source of info. The QOC hasn't been perfect by any means. Other brands I've used have had short comings as well, even some with a worse QOC but maybe in other conditions. I haven't spent any time with the VX4 deck but based on my prior history I wouldn't give up on them yet. They've been in the business longer than any other ZTR manu. No question the VX4 has it's issues but given some of what I feel are the more knowledgeable professionals in the business are on this particular thread I'd say it's proof that the mower is one of the best out there and is being watched closely. IMO if the deck was perfected (no such thing yet on any brand), they put an air ride seat and a few other minor convenience tweaks on it it would be hard to beat. It's easy for me to think there should be no reason not to have a perfect deck after shelling out 15k or more and spending more hrs. on it then I do with the woman I married. If it could be done easily it would have already been done. The first company to take it to the next level and testing solely in NW damp grasses till they get it right will be the on the top of the pile till the patent wears off. That is if the rest of the machine is built right (ie. speed, COG, gph, hp, ride quality, fuel capacity, QOC, $s, support)

    Mic, my hats off to you and your battle. In my book you know your stuff as well or better than most and have been doing what Hustler should be doing themselves. Even though Hustler may not be looking at these posts as helpful to their company, this is the very thing that will make or brake their sales and product. It's the companies like ours that IMO the manu should be connected at the hip with and doing anything it takes to make the unit right and no further cost and as little down time as possible. It's a win win then. Happy LCO and great RnD.
  7. mtmower

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    Just placed a parts order with the dealer I mentioned in my above post and talked to my sales contact afterward. This is some of the info he gave me for those interested.

    The new HD Super Z model is the SZ with the addition of an air ride seat and larger 26" tires which is to help traction, speed (16mph), and ride (I'm sure they aren't any cheaper either). I also saw on their web site they now offer a 38 hp (old rating?) Kohler CV980 (CA only). He reports little to no QOC issues in PA grass esp. with chute in the down position. Goes to show it has tons to due with the grass type and moisture. Definitely will have to try and look a one next time around and see if it will work with my grass type. If not, oh well, looks like it's got about everything I'd want otherwise except for the cost. If QOC won't work for me here I'll keep looking and wait till the next generation of deck comes out and look again.

    They are very excited about the 104 SZ with it's flexing deck and already have 25 slated for sale this year. They ran a demo against the JD 4x4 and it held the hills better then the JD giving them the sale. Go figure.

    At my Husqvarna shop yesterday saw my first 4x4 26" walk behind push type mower?!? Never no what's going to sell.:dizzy:
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    hustler makes me think of my first chevy car i bought when i turned 16. it blew up on me in 6 months. i don't care if chevy has gotten better or gets to where they make the most reliable vehicle in the world one day. they've already lost my business for good. i'll never even consider buying another one as long as i live.

    this is my personal experience.

    bought a used chevy with 100k miles. blew up in 6 months with 115k miles on it.

    bought a toyota used with 100k miles. drove it for 10 years trouble free up to 300k miles. was still running perfectly when i sold it.

    now you tell me. what brand would you buy for the rest of your life?

    pretty simple if you ask me.

    same thing applies to mowers.
  9. mtmower

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    Power to you if it works for you and makes you happy. I've been a service writer and manager for 18 different brands of vehicles over 17 years plus been doing mechanics as a hobby most of my adult life. I've handled many thousand vehicles for repair and service and have owned over 60 plus. I can tell you first had no machine is perfect and out of the brands that are doing a good job you'll still have a bad one/lemon every so often. I'm by no means saying Hustler is write for everyone. Shoot the last machine I bought I went with Gravely. To each their own.
  10. weeze

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    i like deere and scag. the rest i don't care too much about. gravely is ok though. i've heard some good about them. i'm sure with mowers most are the same since they all use the same engines and hydros and such. the brand seems to only come into play on the quality of cut. that's where deere and scag are the best in any situation that comes up. that is what is important. hustler has the best pumps on the super z but clearly we can see they have cut quality issues so it's a wash.

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