The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Finally happened yesterday. had to cut the fuel cap lanyard! Could barely get the cap off and untangling it was impossible. Not impressed with that and now have the cord and "thing" in the bottom of the tank!

    What I would like to know is, how is anyone going to do anything inside the fuel tanks like changing lines etc? There is NO room to do anything with the filler the way it is.
    Oh, and I spill way more fuel now than I ever did with the older tanks! Good thinking EPA, ya bunch of pencil pushing F wits!
  2. TLS

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    Yeah, with the old 14.4 gallon tanks, you could reach your whole hand (although very tight) in the filler neck to change a hose, etc. When I first got mine, the pickup was pushed back and sat at the bottom REAR of the tank. This still left several gallons in the front of the tank. Took a while to figure that one out.
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    I wonder if a guy could put the old window style big tanks off the standard and xr7 decked mowers onto a new vx4 unit? If you did have, or couldn't find a used set they may still sell them new from Hustler as a replacement part.
  4. TLS

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    I don't know how differently they mount.

    They should still be available for parts for quite some time. They used them from 2006 thru 2011.
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  5. bgdlawncare

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    Just got my super z 104 it works great wish I could of had one six years ago. Weekly yard it mowed great bi weekly yards it mowed ok but no better than my 60" g3 toro does.
  6. puppypaws

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    How much is the power lacking on the 104 when cutting the larger moisture laden grass you and I have been dealing with in NC due to excessive rain? I know it has got to be lacking in power at times, I'm running the same engine on a 72" deck and it could use more power in some situations.
  7. TLS

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    The 104 uses thinner low sail blades, I'm guessing to preserve power.
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    Would love to hear feed back from you on your 104! Maybe start a thread and a review. Would be a good read I'm sure. I'm interested myself but have been running the standard 60" and 66" for so long it would be an adjustment. That and like most of us, I have some properties where it just wouldn't work as well. But boy on my big ones I'm sure it would make short work of it.
  9. Mickhippy

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    I have a bit of an update...
    Firstly, just want to say a big thanks to Doc from Power Up Equipment for getting behind this project!

    I really cant give much detail or pics yet but we are working on a turbo baffle that will stop clippings getting caught up on that angled piece are the rear of the deck. While trialling with and without on same lawn it was obvious where the clippings etc were getting caught. Without the baffle, in only a few runs there was build up, with the baffle there was none, or very little. Im talking about the angled piece at rear of deck.

    What I have on now is only the first prototype and doesn't quite reach the outside of the deck so some clippings are still getting caught, next one will come all the way out and back to the side of the deck so can be bolted through an existing hole. It will cover over all but the bottom of the angled piece to just above the blade.

    For fitting, there may be no need for any drilling with this baffle but will have to see how it goes. May need one hole in the top of the deck but we're hoping 2 or 3 bolts in the side will be enough. We are trying to avoid drilling, welding or cutting so it can be a quick easy job to fit. Thinking about it, I might prefer a spot weld. While I hate having to prep and repaint, a weld can just be ground off but a hole would need to be filled if anyone wanted or needed to remove the baffle. Anyway, see what happens with that.
    Thinking a bit more, I have trialled a plate that closes the chute a couple of inches and the way thats fitted could work better than how it is now. Hmmmm, it could work very well me thinks!

    I understand that without pics it would be difficult for you lot to imagine all this (let alone my terrible descriptions) but as soon as I can, I will get some up on here and say more about it.

    I also tried HL blades which did seem to suck some power in thick grass and did seem to throw clippings further but the blades are thin and dont have the "Fusion" treatment. I hit a small piece of wood that was buried in the grass and a small chunk came off the cutting edge. The blades didnt help with the clippings getting caught up at all, its all about the baffle!

    These blades wouldnt hold up very well long term around here where I cant stop for every twig. I am hoping there wont be any need for HL's once we have the baffle sorted. I will be testing with regular blades this week. Im a fan of the regular blades though a little more angle in the sail would be good, not HL angle but just a bit more.

    Still early days and a lot more testing and tweaking to do but I am very confident we will get this clumping sorted with this baffle, Im pretty excited about it to be honest. I just wish I had more grass to cut around home!

    I have also mentioned that the front skirt should be thicker (doubled up) so the bolts can be recessed some as dirt etc gets caught and would slow down the "velocity" some. Also a pita to scrape. The front skirt could do with strengthening as well IMO. Ive notice the ends of the skirts are starting to bend and getting soil build up behind.
  10. greenology

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    Sounds good mate! Finally some help and looks like next season will be looking up.
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