The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Good to hear that you're liking it better and thanks tons for all the input on here. :drinkup:
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    No worries! Just hope its at least somewhat helpful!
    Its a seriously good machine! But you still need to demo it!
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    I am writing in regards to your new Hustler VX4 technology decks.
    True facts regarding Hustler VX4 technology.
    1. Versatility. Hustler’s definition is –adjustable front inner wall allows deck performance to be optimized for all grass conditions and seasons. I personally feel the deck structure is built very well however it is not the best deck for all grass conditions and seasons.
    2. Velocity. Hustler’s definition is the progressively larger tunnel in front of the blades, and a wider discharge opening, moves grass through the deck faster resulting in greater discharge dispersion. I personally feel that this design moves less grass through the deck slower resulting in less discharge dispersion. Due to Hustler running shorter blades and thus allowing less outside wrapper skirts and the outside blades mounted further forward creating less wrapper skirts causes less material carried through the deck.
    3. Volume. Hustler’s definition is higher air and grass volume through-out results in less material carried in the cutting chambers. This allows for higher ground speed without compromising cut quality. I personally feel due to the spindle position and less outside wrapper skirts surrounding the blades decreased air and grass volume and yes it does have less material in the cutting chambers. This deck has less air and grass volume then prior models.
    4. Vacuum. Hustler’s definition states the grass is lifted more effectively. This results in a crisp, clean cut and appearance every time. I personally feel that Hustler knows they have a problem with the vacuum on this deck. The engineering department came out with a high vacuum kit for the 48, 54, 60, 66, and 72 inch decks. Knowing they have a problem with the vacuum system for the VX4 technology decks. Hustler’s definition for the vacuum kits states that in some grass conditions where the grass blades are thin and limp, the velocity of the air moving through the front of the deck may not be able to produce enough vacuum to stand the grass back up before being cut. This results in areas of inconsistent cut across the deck width. Hustler knows they have vacuum issues with their VX4 decks however they apparently are not in production for any of these kits.
    The main problem with the VX4 technology decks is they are running less skirt wrappers around the backside of the blades. Also they are running shorter blades for the deck width thus resulting in the 2 outside blades running further forward on the deck resulting in less skirt wrappers.
    Then Hustler opened up the front air channel in front of the blades decreasing the discharge velocity.
    I owe an older Hustler Super Z and feel that the new VX4 should be comparable to the older deck design. With this new technology you would think it would be better or comparable but it is not. I am really disappointed in this new technology as a business owner.
    To fix this problem I feel they would need to run at least 19” blades with more outside wrapper skirt in a 54” deck mower and less of an opening in front of the blades. The spindle position would need to be further back into the deck resulting in more wrapper skirt. This would increase the velocity volume as well as the vacuum. Hustler’s older designs worked much better than this new VZ4 technology.

    Randy Snodgrass
    Snodgrass Lawn Service
    Garden City, KS
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    My '06 took a poop the other day...again. Took it to the dealer and got the loaner I had last year. They added flex forks and fixed the engine surging issue.

    I'm getting the line of clippings like your picture above. Very disappointed. Cut is great. Vacuum is great as well.

    This windrow is only overshadowed by the sheer length of clippings coming out of the chute! Granted, with my breakdown, my schedule got messed up, and yesterday I mowed some that were 10 days instead of 7. But I had 5-6" long stalks of clippings laying on top. I had to double-cut for a different get these clipping cut up!

    Hydros and overall build of the machine are great....this deck is great for bushogging, or mass production mowing.

    But I'm really glad I had another (Springtime) opportunity to demo.
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    I agree, the velocity with which the grass exits isn't the fastest, and I believe that this is the issue and cause of the clumping.

    What is included in this "High Vacuum Kit"???

    I had one sent out for my old XR-7 but it just added another 40lbs to an already heavy deck!
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    The clippings are somewhat smaller with the G6 blades so they are a good option to try out but that windrow is a pita for sure! I still havent adjusted the front skirt yet but still, as far as I know, thats for vacuum and dealing with the different (cool/warm) turf types.
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    Yeah, I think the windrow is caused by that back section that is boxed in (rear discharge side).

    Doesn't SCAG use a turbo baffle?
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    I think your right about there being too much of a gap between the blade and the front skirt for when cutting normal length grass and thereby loosing velocity and not recutting a lot of clippings before discharge.
    The blade on the right side seems to discharge over the entire width of the chute sending some clippings into the little triangular "brace" at the back of the chute. Im sure that is where the windrows are caused from. They build up and just drop to the ground!!!! A good indication of it is when I sharpen blades or scrape the deck there is always some grass caked on there.

    I wonder if removing that triangle may help but then, it is a brace and warranty may be effected!

    I really wish Pj or anyone from Hustler would get involved in this! This and other threads aren't doing them any favours!
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    Here's a pic for you-

    IMO, all that turbo baffle does is keep the clippings from re-circulating around the right blade. I doubt it really adds all that much to the discharge velocity, since the main airstream is at the front of the blades up against the baffle. 7 Iron decks don't have that "Turbo Baffle", and they discharge great. Fast and nice and even.

    Here's a link to that old thread from a couple years ago showing all the undersides of the popular decks. Look how closely the Velocity Plus and VX4 match in design as far as the cutting chamber, and discharge opening with the exception of the "Turbo Baffle" on the Scag. Both have adjustable front baffles. Strange to me how the Velocity gets such great reviews, while the very similar VX4 gets so much criticism.
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    What caused the surging and how was it remedied? How many hrs. on your mower at this time, and what were the other problems with the engine?

    I've not read the entire thread, but read enough to see you were not sure how the flex forks would work out on your new mower. The problem everyone will see with flex forks are they were designed for a particular weight mower, which if I had to guess was the older version Super Z with a 60" deck.

    Flex forks are built on the design of a "Flexride Rubber Torsion Axle," meaning they must be built with different rubber compositions to adjust for different weights. Hustler has one weight designed flex fork, meaning if you change mower weights, there is no compensation. For flex forks to work as advertised, you must design each for a specific weight class, but they realize this is not cost effective. When using the older style Super Z, if you move up to a 66" deck, there will be a difference in up and down motion over the lighter 60" Super Z, move on up to a 72" and you will notice more problems, possibly to the point of not being usable on manicured turf.

    I would say with the newly designed, heavier Super Z you would definitely see a considerable problem. The remedy to having a good usable flex fork is to design them for the weight of the machine it must support. If I personally were responsible for the company, there would be flex forks made for at least two different weight classes, possibly three. The price would be higher, but there would also be more sold from positive feed back; word of mouth advertisement can make or break a product, and sometimes a company.


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