The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Mick, I wasn't knocking the SZ on being able to cut that grass fast. I was just saying that there are a few other decks that should be able to as well since the machines run very similar engines, or in the case of the JD970, the same exact engine, and both the 7 Iron and the V+ are open designs like yours. I'd expect about the same results- going as fast as the RPM's would allow.

    I see the cup in the bottom of that blade. That's some real BS there, especially since they are what you have to have to make your deck work right.
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    You should feel like a kid at Christmas after this accomplishment in comparison to how it was clumping before. This is really an amazing difference, and honestly something Hustler should pay you for the time and effort to resolve their problem.
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    Hey Puppy have you seen the new Subaru EFI 40 HP engines coming out? They are modified Generacs.
  4. puppypaws

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    This should be a great engine, now they are only offered in a horizontal shaft, but they are working hard on releasing a vertical shaft.
  5. Realslowww

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    The verticals are arriving now and I talked to a guy who has been into them and he says they are beefed up good over the old 990 in the crank and rod area plus they come stock with a higher performance cam and are boreable now.

    They sold the HD 72 I was looking at, so I think I am going to get a new Generac motor for my mower. I can get a display new old style 33 for 1350 shipped but no warranty or the new Subaru 35 for 2000 or 40 for 2300 new with warranty. What would you get ?, thanks.

    I only mow about 200 hours a year but bidding more work, anyhow I was thinking the display makes more sense.
  6. Realslowww

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    Hey Puppy that 33 you demoed would like just stomp your 28 EFI in power correct? The only reason I ask is because the newer Subaru is even more powerful than the old 33 Gennie because of the cam and bigger carbs or EFI.

    From what I heard if true it should be the best BB motor I guess ?. The guy I talked to who went into the new motor to see the changes said it had a better redesigned piston and the lower end was a good bit stronger.

    They mod these for ultra light aircraft so they tear into them new.

    You would definitely only want to get the 40HP in EFI, the guy I talked to said they built the 40 HP carb versions for years for like a stage 1 ultra light and it would definitely eat at least 10% more fuel over a stocker 33.

    The motors were known to throw rods if you spun them over 4 grand in the old version 33 when modded. Obviously Subaru new the crank was the weak link and stepped it up.

    The 40 should be 10 to 15 % more powerful than your current Kawi.
  7. puppypaws

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    Fuel injected Subaru is what I would buy, but not with the idea of paying the difference in fuel savings when only mowing 200 hrs. a yr. I would buy it for the fact of knowing how much more advanced in every way a fuel injected engine is; when comparing to a carburetored engine.
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    I'd be leery of a newer engine.....even more, one that is EFI.

    TOTALLY happy with my EFI Kohler. But they've been doing it well over 15 years.
  9. Realslowww

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    Thanks, the EFI I do not believe are out yet.
  10. Realslowww

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    I know people have had a few mowing issues with the new Super but Hustler really has opened up another level of Z with these pumps. I was researching what these pumps can drive as far as wheel motors and they can do a lot more than they are.

    This platform with the right wheel motor can take Z's to a level the other cheaper drive Z's cannot match. The other Z setups are fine but they make wheel motors that these HD pumps can drive that would allow you to have a true HD 2 speed setup so you could like have 20 MPH gear and a 10 MPH gear that could pull alot of weight.

    All you would need is the Wheel motors and set the pumps up to work in those parameters and the HD Super Z would be able to climb stuff straight up or pull like 2000 or 1500 pounds with no problem.

    So like this mower with appropriate wheel motors could pull a couple 36 or 48 pull behind self powered units for doing big jobs and just stomp the crap out of any Z out their.

    It would need bigger drive tires and probably add 2 grand to the price but the mower would just kick butt for big jobs. They are making the ATZ and it only comes in 60 for torque but it will not go 16 MPH, they would be better off offering a 2 speed wheel motor but they are very pricey like 12 to 1500 a piece or more.

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