The new Super Z Any updates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by HenryB, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Mickhippy

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    Wow, put me on the spot!!!!!!!

    I guess the short answer is........... Yes!
    Most if not all the photos Ive put up have been of long, thick, damp grass thats been missed due to rain for 3 and or 4 weeks. Its not really a fair comparison to nice regular lawns. My 08 SZ would of had a hard time on these lawns too and been very slow going. The new SZ, while yes, there are windrows, was able to just get it done. Cant polish a sh!t kind of thing!
    Good ride, great hydros, strong engine etc makes it tick most of my box's. It has its issues like I still frickin HATE the fuel tanks etc but still, its a great machine!

    My only other real option was the Turf Tiger but I wanted something with a better ride and didnt want to loose the speed of the SZ so, I really didnt have much of a choice.
    If the TT had some kind of suspension (other than seat) and larger fuel tank I would of seriously looked at the Big Block TT.

    If you cant demo it puts you in a tough position.
  2. mtmower

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    cimkill, if you don't mind me asking what other brand are you running that's not holding up so well?
  3. TLS

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    I don't know exactly what your issue with repetitive posting is.

    But I will say one thing....

    The VX4 deck is 100 times better then the first generation XR-7 in all of your 4 "V" categories.

    So, if your coming from a pre-XR-7 or a later (non free-flow-triangle Version 1.0 XR-7), then in certain conditions, they may have been better.

    The cut quality far surpasses any cut I've had in many mowers. The discharge windrow in tall grass, and the length of these discharged clippings isn't acceptable to me.

    Just to be clear, in last years week long demo, these two issues did not show in heavy spring growth, they are there.
  4. cimkill

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    Mick Thank You and sorry about putting you on the spot! MTmower is now doing that to me LOL. I will first let you guys know that I cut in the worst, and harshest conditions you have ever seen. Micks pasture areas are like my good areas its terrible down here in belize the concept of box blading has evaded these people. Ground is rough they throw rocks in the parks for fun, its crazy! Thats why the mowers get beaten up. That said its a ferris IS3100zp. I got the propane because gas is $6.00 and propane is $2.00.
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    I've read enough of your posts to know which mower you were going to say it was. What is happening to the ferris? I always wondered when you picked that machine how long it would hold up. I think the Ferris's are excellent mowers, and built well too, and there's no doubt they ride nice, but I had the feeling that you were taking a luxury highway vehicle off-roading so to speak:laugh:. Is the troubles you are seeing in the deck itself, or in all the suspension mounting points or both, or just what? Thanks.
  6. cimkill

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    Oops didnt realize i was that bad! I think ferris is great they replaced almost everything that has gone wrong along with my great dealer support. Well one of the rear shocks went out and that was replaced! The left anti scalp wheel got folded, bent under the deck! We fixed that ourselves will have to post some pictures its a major improvement over what they had. Now that my wife is here and she knows how to put picks on. The front right of the deck got bowed in had to use a body shop to straighten it back! The deck stabalizing bars have both broke off. We re wellded them two weeks ago, and the right one just broke off in another spot! have to fix that tommorow. Well that's all so far. :laugh:
  7. cimkill

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    Here is the anti scalp and two beaten mowers on the beaten trailor.


  8. Mickhippy

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    Oh man, sounds like you only have 2 choices! The SZ or TT.
    The rep told me about a council that runs the new SZ in kind of the "Outback." These areas are rough like you describe and the operators are idiots. They push concrete slabs that picnic tables sit on around with the deck and just run full stick all the time. Due to the floods and rain the grass had been getting very long etc and they are still getting the work done in much quicker time than using previous mowers (I cant remember what they were). Rep told me they love the new SZ's and I believe him.

    I guess its production v's potential cut.
    The SZ will get more done than a TT due to the flex forks but the discharge may or may not be up to scratch.
    Even if you had to go and feather a few clumps with the SZ, you'd still be a head in production!
    Both machines are build tough but the TT rides rough from all accounts so probably not the right machine after a Ferris. The SZ isnt as smooth as a Ferris but as youve seen, all those moving parts arent always a good thing! Broken mowers have zero production and only cost money.

    I think we contractors care to much about our work sometimes. If the conditions a terrible, how is anyone expected to make it look good? Like I said, cant polish a sh!t!

    Is there absolutely no way of getting a demo? Why dont you get a hold of Pj and see if he can help you out?

    From what you describe, IMHO, the SZ would be best suited to your needs.

    Can you take some pics of these areas?
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    LOL. No, I meant that I had read enough of your posts here, especially when you were looking for a new mower, that I figured it had to be the one that you bought that was giving you trouble now, because you hadn't mention this kind of stuff going bad on your Hustler. Not many mowers will last under those kind of adverse conditions for too long I wouldn't think.
  10. cimkill

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    Yes Mick I will get some pics the next time we go out probably a couple weeks from now we are in a severe dry spell right now. Rain won't start until mid june, usually 100 days of dry then it poors the rest of the year. Ridin green Your right, but the hustler is alot tuffer. Some guys down here wanted to compete with me and so far one exmark landed in the river. Given that was operator problem. Then kubota's and husqvarna's owned by competitors are always down with major problems, so I got there jobs. Loving it! my work horse at the moment is the ferris but everybody preffers cut on hustler oddly enough.

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