The new Wright Sentar!!! WOW!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jan 25, 2001.

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  2. kutnkru

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    I just got off the phone with our local dealer and he informed me that the availability of these machines the first year will be ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL!!!!!

    He has 3 coming in late February for his "Open House" in March and he said that once these three machines go ,,, if the orders come in they MAY or MAY NOT not be filled by the manufacturer.

    He also mentioned that the only available model will in fact be the one you have pictured a 61"deck w/23hp Kawasaki. Retails for around $7500 +/- here.

    Just wanted to let ya know to order now, cause they seem to be a limited number available.

  3. moonarrow

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    Kirby the new sentar does look like a great improvement it looks like the deck is a floating and can be ajusted, and that the front castors have bearings is that right if you have any more info please let me know
  4. scottb

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    Kirby how about demoing it and letting us know how it cuts. It looks like an awesome machine from the pic.
  5. tpirobert

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    I saw the new Sentar at the trade show in Charlotte. Too bad your were working:) The distributor said not many available until they get manufacturing capacity up to speed. Do I hear Ray selling his Great Dane rider and joining the Wright camp? I really like my 61" Stander. I too would consider the Sentar, if in the market for another mower. I'm sure someone here will buy one this Spring and give us their opinions.
  6. jaclawn

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    Sure would be nice if we had a rep from Wright here to set the facts straight about availability of this machine.
  7. Greenkeepers

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    That thing looks pretty compact. Can you see good when you're sitting down?
  8. dylan

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    I recieved my brochere from wright in the mail just last night. They sent me one about the stander and the sentar.
    The sentar seems to be leaps and bounds better than the super surfer or the stander. It is fast, 11mph and has a floating deck. Combined with tall tires and the choice of sitting or standing ... a good concept. It is 5" longer than the super surfer at 70" but still 10" shorter than a ztr rider. It has a pretty good warranty too. Life time on the frame. I forget now, but I think it was 4 yrs on the pumps and motors.

    I asked them to tell me the name of the closest dealer which they did not do so I had to call them.
    The bad news ... not available in Canada.
    Any of you guys from ontario, there are several dealers in upper new york state and the main distributor is in buffalo but if you but a machine from the states you still have to worry about not having a good dealer close by.

    The rear tires do seem a little narrow (9.5") compared to the 12" width of some ztr but this unit is only 900 lbs or so.
    I wonder how it is on hills and if a mulch kit is available?

    That is a good pic KirbysLawn. Do you have any more from different angles?

    Also, did anyone see how the hoc adjustment worked. supposedly one lever that controls the whole deck and is smooth and easy. Is it done from the operator position or the front of the machine.

    I do like the trend towards more compact and faster machines. If only they were getting cheaper too. Guess you can't have everything.
  9. kutnkru

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    I have also been advised that this machine is awkward to stand on if you are six feet or taller on a regular basis for mowing.

  10. KirbysLawn

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    Robert, I think I will keep the Great Danes - paid for.

    Dylan - I have another photo which I will be posting on our local site, I will linkit when I get it up.


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