The nuts are falling out of the tree early this year

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, May 27, 2011.

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    Few years back I posted about a guy stopping and wanting to borrow my truck and all of my equipment. It happened again today.

    I was doing a yard today on 84 that had not been done since last summer and was kicking my butt. While I was taking a water break this guy pulls up and ask me what I would charge to "buzz" his yard. I told him would have to look at it first. He starts to tell me where it was, how easy it was, that he had 3 bad azz dogs (killed it right there) and it was way out in the boonies.

    I told him that I could not take on any that far away just for a one time cut. He then tells me that I could come mow and he would use my weedeater while I mowed. I was getting frustrated by then. I told him no again.

    He then ask me if he could borrow my truck and equipment while I was on break and he would leave his car with me. I asked him if he was joking!! He was not and I told him that no person including friends or relatives use my equipment and turned and walked off. Where are these idiots coming from or is it just this south Georgia heat?:hammerhead:
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    nah it aint just Georgia, 2 weeks ago i had a neighbor of one of the lawns i cut come over and ask if he could use my trimmer while i cut my customers (he said he would be done by the time i needed it) :rolleyes:
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    Drugs and Al K Hall. You can't fix stupid. The crazy's are everywhere.
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    License to drive.
    No license to breed.
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    No, that crap happens to me too and like yourself it kind of pisses me off, I can't say anyone's ever asked to borrow my whole
    outfit but the requests I get are usually along the lines of taking care of some BS that they see as a "problem" on my dime!

    They want to order me around, is what it boils down to, whatever it is, they want to be my boss for however long,
    it could take a few minutes it could take an hour, I never know but it's now all up to them, or so they think ...

    Like, some stuff in the dang right-of-way that they somehow feel it is their responsibility to tell me that I have to take care of it,
    wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that I was probably going to take care of it anyhow but to top it off they
    walk away acting like they're the big bad Hero of the day and like they done did a good deed.
    And it just burns me, which that's what it's really all about but it got to where I didn't care to play their stupid games.

    Folks like that?
    Standard answer in a monotone:
    "I am sorry but you'll have to speak to the HO"

    They usually start to throw in objections which results in an exact same tone of voice repeat:
    "I am sorry but you'll have to speak to the HO"
    With some, I have to say it a third time.

    They all get the message sooner or later and when they do, every last one of those basically storms off stomping their feet.
    It's usually not the end.

    I immediately call or otherwise inform the HO at that point so they know what's coming.

    Oh yes, oh yes, the joys of a day's work and the nutcases.
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    I got another one for you, the Cul-de-sac parking job.
    It's always a PITA to park in a Cul-de-sac, it just is.

    There's like 3 to 5 driveways all pointing right at me, my customer's yard is in there and I really don't want the truck too far
    away but I also can NOT park anywhere NEAR anyone else's property or they will come out and start acting like they "own" me.
    More of that stuff from earlier...

    My solution, park it smack center of the street inside the circle with just enough space on all sides for a car or small bus to get around.
    Once again I always get someone who thinks I am too smart and they have to show me how smart they are.

    This lady comes out one day and tells me I have to move my truck, I was like whatever.
    She proceeds to tell me that there's a handicap school bus coming in to drop off kids and that my truck is blocking the way.

    I told her the handicap buses are small and there is enough space for that driver to get around.
    She tells me she's the county school bus supervisor and this was a full size bus!
    I tell her I have never in all of my years seen a full size bus that was a handicap bus.
    She tells me this one was.
    I said of course it is, please, when you see it coming you come and get me and I'll move my truck.

    She said no, you need to move it now.

    I said now hold on a minute!
    No school bus or big vehicle driver in their right mind would take a school bus into a cul-de-sac anyhow, it's the easiest way to
    get such a big vehicle STUCK for a long time if there's a car or other object blocking the way and unless your drivers are totally
    inexperienced I'd suggest you start to train them on the proper way to deliver children where there exist obstructions, this bus
    needs to stop down on the main road and not even enter into such a predicament of a situation like a cul-de-sac they can't get
    themselves turned around in.

    She didn't like that, she said You have to move that truck or I'm calling (and I forgot who this *&%^ was going to call).
    I said where the *&^% you want me to move the truck TO!?
    She said she didn't care.

    I said good, and I got ready to get back to work (seeing how she didn't care, neither did I).
    She then said it needs to go down to the main road.

    I said no, I am not leaving this truck out of my sight.
    She says WHAT?

    I told her that anyone could come walking past where I can't see my truck and help themselves to any free equipment in back.
    She proceeded to argue that her neighborhood doesn't have thieves!
    I said if you are willing to accept full responsibility for anything that disappears, I'll move my truck down there but first I will need to take inventory.

    She kept talking *&^%
    I asked her if she was willing to pay cash for anything that got stolen if it did?
    She said no, but the school bus was almost there and it needed to be moved now, or else!

    I was so damn tired of hearing her yap that it was either move the truck or knock the F out of her in front of my customer for
    whom I also didn't care since she just stood there looking half amused making me wonder if the half of it wasn't instigated by
    the both of these two, but not wanting a big scene I got IN the truck.
    And moved it about 7 feet, the most I could get out of the way that I could make out.

    Then I shut it off, got out, closed everything and with a certain pissed off air about myself went on about my work.
    Nobody said another word to me.

    The F'ing school bus NEVER came up in that cul-de-sac.
    Yes, I watched, like a hawk.
    20 minutes later the work was done.

    After that I made SURE whenever I serviced that lot that it was WELL outside of school bus hours.

    The things we go through.
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    Ahh yes the cul de sac parking job. I got rid of my one dog-poop infested-yard customer that lived on a cul de sac, thank goodness! Last season, I pulled up to mow my customer's lawn. Parked in front of their home on the circle, on the curb. Their neighbor's mailbox was about 3 feet in front of my truck. At any rate, this old guy comes storming out toward my mower while I am mowing, telling me to move my truck, as I am blocking his mailbox (wasn't blocking it). I was considerate, and said this was the first I heard of it being a problem. He said to park in my customer's driveway, or block it off completely. Huh? My customer's kids drive in and out often while I am at their property.

    It all boiled down to this guy cussing me and asking if I wanted to tussle. Some people just have no considerate bone in their body.

    So, the next few weeks after that, I pull up to my customer's lawn, and find this beater old car parked, you guessed it, 3 feet away from his mailbox against the curb. And it was the nasty neighbor's car! I should have knocked on his door and told him to move his rustbucket as I have to park there to mow my customer's lawn!
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    That's alot of nuts!!!

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    Man, you guys care too much, just park in the road beside his rust bucket and put you hazzards on and a cone, you can do anything with hazzards and a cone, and you will be gone before the authorities get there. lol
    If someone asked me if I wanted to tussle, I'd simply explain that I am straight and married- If I didn't grab my pitchfork and say heck yeah.

    Why do you think you'll get mail?! no one friggin likes you!! git ole man!! matlock is on!:laugh::laugh:

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