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The official "What will you do different next year?" Thread

Howard Roark

LawnSite Senior Member
I know it's a bit early, but it was a tad cooler here in Central Texas yesterday (92), and it made me think of fall, hence the end of the mowing season, and what I will do different next year.

I came up with a few, in no particular order with more to come I'm sure:

*Push more credit card sales

*NOT have a baby!

*Not let any phone calls go to voice mail if I can help it. Each one missed could be worth $100 a month or more missed.

*Do less work solo. I've worked hard all my life, now is the time to balance things out.

Your thoughts guys and gals?

Best wishes in the off season to all. :waving:

Sir mowsalot

LawnSite Senior Member
Central Pa.
dump the per cut mowing , fert, aerate. going to fixed/flat monthly rates. oh, and thicker toilet paper.


LawnSite Gold Member
Next year I resolve...to not hire any morons!

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
Well, it's sorta wierd for me of all people, but I am not sure yet. Usually I have already devised some planning and I'm starting to work part of it already. In addition, it seems I have a natural 2 year cycle of shifting, and I'm due again for '06.

But I don't have anything on the table yet and I have resolved not to draft and finalize anything for a while yet. I'm just sorta coasting along with the cruise set right now....