The Onebox - Don't stretch the truth about it.

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by mdvaden, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Someone on another forum website brought up Google's Onebox / Local Results during the past couple of days, mentioning that in time, Portland competitors might eat me for lunch, instead of the current situation where I have high page results, especially with "Tree Service" and "Certified Arborist".

    Its a topic that hasn't been here before - I think - so here's a new thread.

    For anybody who has caught wind of this type of search result - don't panic, if you are trying to get your site noticed on the page.

    So far, for two years, I noticed that if I type "Portland Tree Services", the box shows. Try it yourself. Now, think about this - that's a Yellow Page heading in a phone book.

    Next, type in "Portland Certified Arborists" - you should see no local results Onebox. Why ? > Because it's not a Yellow Page heading.

    So when the myriad of relevant keywords are considered - the ones people search for landscapers and tree care with - the Onebox barely puts a dent in it.

    The Onebox concept has been out for at least a couple of years, and I've recieved better results with my site, not worse.

    If anybody has an address, and you do get in the Onebox, that's fine. Just don't burn yourself out getting into it, or get concerned about someones exageration about the Onebox.

    As I've said about search engine rankings being a "Gold Rush" for limited riches, the Onebox can also be a "Gold Rush" panic for limited or "make believe" riches.

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