The only reason I cut grass.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ConPro, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. ConPro

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    I cut over 200 lawns a week. The only reason I cut them is to get their side work. Mulch, fertilizer, plantings, cleanups. These are the only jobs that make good money. Mulch, wheel barrow, shovel, charge $85 a yard. Grass, you got gas, then insurance, then equiptment maintenance, then low ballers, then etc. If you want to make good money, do the extras.
  2. Expert Lawns

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    200 lawns is a lot of lawns. how many crews and mowers do you run? I do agree that the extras bring in a big part of the money. my fall/spring cleanup is where i make it big.
  3. ZX12R

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    Damn,200 lawns,you couldn't pay me to cut that many lawns! :D
  4. IBGreen

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    I'd love to know how big these properties are. Do you have any commercial contracts?
  5. LawnGuy73

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  6. hoffmanlandscaping

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    I agree with you 100%. I started in mowing just to get my name out their and the quality work I do plus it helped to pay for a mower to mow my own yard. But my main goal is to build up enough of a clientel and do mainly all landscaping. You have to start somewhere.
  7. Evan528

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    I mow 60 lawns a week just for the landscaping also. Over the years I have aquired 60 accounts that are so full service it keeps 3 people busy 50-60 hours a week. If it were up to me I wouldnt do any mowing at all.....too much expense and headache for the money!
  8. fastrunner

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    if you are mowing over 200 lawns a week i think you would realize that you dont have any time for those side jobs... nice try though.
  9. Soupy

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    How do you know he doesn't have 3 or more crews working these lawns. 4 two man crews can knock out those yards in a few days. If they are under 12,000 sq ft. or some larger properties mixed in with a bunch of smaller properties.

    So 3 days cutting and 2 or 3 days doing other jobs. What's so unbelievable?
  10. patsfan

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    it s a cemetery right mulch flowers sod

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