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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Daner, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Place your questions and Ideas on Organic Vegetable Gardening here.

    My garden Is 1200 sq'...and Its all Organic I do have the problem with the weeds in the heat of the summer and I have used Hay as a mulch and pulled the rest by hoe or hand...I'm looking for Ideas to run a organic garden without too much work.

    I believe that the best tasting Veggies grow out of mixed compost gardens...many years ago I had a tomato plant decide to grow out from my compost bin,at my cottage...It was a compost bin made from 2x6 cedar and It grew out from one of the slots...Well I had the reddest ,most tasty tomatoes I have ever seen...from that day on I always mixed compost with my new tomato plants

    Do you have a Organic Veggie garden? ...What do you grow?...and how do you manage It?...Lets hear your story or tip:)

  2. Dean_W

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    I have an organic veggie garden. I use leaves as mulch in the between the rows. I use compost around my plants. I have a problem w/ bermuda grass and am endlessly weeding the garden.

    I am growing lettuce, green onions, bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, squash, swiss chard, and carrots. I did have a bumper crop of mustard greens that has been harvested already. I don't know how long it's going to take my carrots to be mature. I may have to pull them out I want to plant okra where they are now.

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  4. Smallaxe

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    Can't beat the flavor of organically grown vegetables. I have done raised beds for over 35 yrs. and fill up the pathways with woodchips. mulch around the plants with woodchips and pine needles. The ground is fluffy enough to make weed pulling easier, but working the areas where mulch is not practicle with a long handled claw, on a weekly basis gives me something to do on a Sunday afternoon.
    Never let the weeds get large enough to require bending down and pulling them. When the broccoli heads out I will be in the garden very morning with my claw grazing for breakfast :)

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    got my seeds started and cant wait to plant
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    I have one that takes up about 1/4 of my propety. I run everyones leaves through my chipper-shredder and put over empty beds in the fall. I then overseed with rye grass and clover. Come around today and i turned all the green under and added some finished compost on top, maybe 3/4 to 1 inch. Now I have carrots, beefsteak tomatoes, vf 100supersweet tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, corn, garlic, onions, asperigus, peaches, apples, strawberries, and still have more to go. I cover all my plants and pathways with mulch or straw. Water using my creek and 2 gallon watering pail miost of the time. LOVE MY GARDEN Carrots are almost ready as well as onions and garlics.:weightlifter:
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    I don't know about you but I just drooled all over my keyboard reading this

    I call it my prozac, my mental relief, gardening AAAAHHHHHHHH
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    ahhh a garden, what better bliss...

    the way we garden is .... primitive and.... lazy.

    our personal yard is a mix of bamboo and palms, with some mango trees and mixed tropical fruit(mammy,papaya,akee,solongo,breadfruit and avocados. the rest of the garden is just planted with this and that. tomato's grown under a tree. potato's that sprung up from the old compost pile. onions and leeks around the pond where they have some shade. the sunflowers in the back live well of a leaky water pipe. there are radishes and mixed greens out side the laundry area. cat tails in the pond. and my privacy is from summer beans and black beans growen on a fence thats covered with 6 types of passiflora. sea grapes and garlic trim the fromt entrance,if you are brave to step under the 45 foot coconut that drips lethal missiles that are the tastiest in my town. some times we even get good dates from our date palms (if the squirrels don't beat us to them).hidden in all that are some natives, a weeping yopon,fire bush, wild coffee,blue eyed grass,crinum Lilly's,and a baby royal palm.the malangas are almost ready.and we have just robbed our hive,a kenya top bar with 45 slats.

    the way we care for this beauty. we use it as a dump for excess tree chips, and any left over tea gets dumped there. after that we neglect to do anything. no tilling no weeding.if their is a "unwanted weed" the answer is to just mulch them into submission.the only grass we have in the yard is whats needed by law, for the septic drains 1200 sq-ft and not a blade more.
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    Just started my first garden. It's 12' X 25' and I plan on going organic if possible. I live on the Gulfcoast and the bugs are reported to be horrible on gardens around here. Any suggestions on organic methods of keeping the unwanted grazers off of my future veggies?
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    I had to use some Safer insect spray on my Mustard Greens. They were covered w/ bugs.:)


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